Lucky Star: Lucky Star Music Fair Full Download

Hi hi~! You’re welcome to download, <333. ♥ Anyways, I organized them a bit, separating Minoru’s and Akira’s songs from others. ♥ Hope you like it. Please report broken links. Thanks. ♥


Minoru Shiraishi X Akira Kogami – Uchouten ga Tomara nai.mp3
Minoru Shiraishi X Akira Kogami – Uchouten in da House ~Say That Hip Hop Shit!~.mp3
Minoru Shiraishi – Emirin no Theme.mp3
Minoru Shiraishi – Hebi to Kaeru.mp3
Minoru Shiraishi -Minna to Issho.mp3


M.O.E.V. – Gravity.mp3
Motteke! Sailor Fuku ~Hassha Melody~.mp3
Konno Hiromi – Misoji Saka.mp3
Lucky Star Mush! ~DustFunk Lozik~.mp3
Seki Tomokazu – Medaze, Tenchou!.mp3
Sasaki Nozumi – Pa Pa Pa Pa Patty strike back ~Mataha Patty wa Ika ni Shite, Shinpai Suru no wo Tome Ikary~.mp3
Kousaki Satoru – Kaorin no Theme.mp3


13 Responses

  1. thanks i really needed that.

  2. Thanks for the download links XD

  3. I say crap man, crap. These aren’t even genuine. They’re FAKE dude.

  4. Nice Troll, Troll~

  5. Sweet. ^^
    Where’dya get the picture? -points at Shiraishi and Akira banner-
    Is there a full picture? Cause I’m collecting Shiraishi and Akira pictures.

  6. ah, nice. though, I’d recommend using mediafire or megaupload for files. rapidshare is a royal pain.

  7. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, been lookin for Gravity <3

  8. Thanks! I grabbed m.o.e.v. – Gravity. =)

  9. Nice i remember these back in the day =w=.

  10. Kousaki Satoru – Kaorin no Theme.mp3 no works no more :(

  11. thanks! i grabbed m.o.e.v. – gravity as well ;D

  12. Hm…the Rapidshare links are kinda dead…..mostly due to the 10 download limit.

  13. please re-upload the m.o.e.v – gravity mp3 :) thank you!

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