Toradora!: Vanilla Salt Full Download ( with instrumentals ) With Bonus Track!

You’re free to download! Enjoy~!


Yui Horie – Vanilla Salt.mp3

Yui Horie – Vanilla Salt ( Instrumental version ).mp3


Yui Horie – I my me.mp3

Yui Horie – I my me ( Instrumental Version ).mp3

Please report dead links. Thanks~!


14 Responses

  1. hey :D thanks for the links but after clicking them… i get to the rapidshare page but nothing happens. m i supposed to do something? sorry

  2. Just click free user once you get to the rapidshare page. ^^ Thanks for visiting~

  3. I <3 you, thanks for the upload :D

  4. i can’t download this.there is an error message.can someone send me vanilla salt and the instrumental version to me?my email is

  5. Miss Syafiq. It works fine. I tried it. :3

  6. Gracias again.

  7. oh thank you for uploading this!! i’ve been looking for it like craaaazy. lol and finally found it ar your place *sneaks in and grab it* lol XD *_*

  8. Tnanks!! love

  9. waah!! thank you so much for the link!!!

  10. hmm.. I wonder how this will go down in the tagalog dubs? :D
    lookie here, they have the tagalog cast

    and TV5 has them in the sched.. I hope it will live up to our expectations.. peace~

  11. WHAT THE FUCK!! TORADORA!?!?! OMG! SO WHAT THE HELL IS NEXT? K-ON!?! LOLOLOLOL Thanks for the info mistah bulshido!

  12. tnx for uploading vanilla salt..:)
    i got a hard time surfing for a free mp3 for vanilla salt, good thing you have it.
    tnx again!


  13. All the links report that the files have been downloaded 10 times, which RapidShare says is the maximum unless the files are placed under a premium or a collector’s account. The alternative is to upload the files again, which would yeild another 10 downloads.

  14. My…. I want this so badly..
    Could you please send this off vocal version to my e-mail acc? ??!

    that would be great. ;_____;

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