Code Geass: Official Statement: No C.C. X Lelouch , No Kallen X Lelouch either


All information are from the recently released Official R2 Complete Guide book.  In contains character profiles , sketches , interviews and episode synopsis with additional infos.

The profiles are the most important , that’s why I have concluded that C.C. X Lelouch and Kallen X Lelouch all happened in our heads.

lijianliang from LJ [ Live Journal ] summarizes some of the contents.

About C.C. X Lelouch:

– In C.C.’s profile, it says, “While she is entrusted to be a body-double and negotiator, he never yearns for her to be a mother-figure or lover, not even once.”

C.C.’s profile also mentions that Lelouch saw C.C. as an equal to himself, a Partner. “Her trust in him is never betrayed. Lelouch’s kindness did not change even when he lost his memories, nor did he make a single grievance toward her when he made the decision to attack and kill his dearest sister.”

This is what she said. Let’s just say she translated it into her own understanding. Either way , it makes sense. I’ve been a C.C. X Lelouch fan and I’ll still be even though it has been officially stated that Lelouch never loved anyone as a woman.

About Kallen X Lelouch:

In Kallen’s profile, it says, “Even though she is able to tell Lelouch, who assumed the seat of emperor, her decision of wanting to live and die alongside him, Lelouch rejects her. What he chose is Suzaku and C.C.” By ‘tell’, it refers to the short period of time they spend walking around Ashford Academy before the UFN meeting and the kiss she shares with him. The profile also says that Kallen fought her hardest during the Fuji battle against Suzaku, but in the end, she was never able to capture Lelouch’s mind or heart.”


Also makes sense. Lelouch pretty much concentrated on fighting for his sister and the Zero Requiem. Lol. Just remember that the woman he loved the most was Nunnally. Lucky girl. What a siscon.

If you wanna see for yourself, go to the source:


Official statements or whatever , it does not change the fact that Shipping Wars will still continue. Shirley still has the chance with the “Reunion at World of C” theory by Shirlulu fans.

So, there. Witch X Warlock or King X Queen? You still have the decision. But of course , it’s hard to deny an “official Statement”. Some people think Lelouch is still alive even though it was already announced that he died.


24 Responses

  1. It’d be nice to see a season 3 to resolve all of these issues. And although it’s kinda disappointing not to have Lelouch find “love”, it fits his character (Joan of Arc-ish??)

  2. such is the life of a cart driver anyways.. oh, and CC’s real name is ” ” and that pink-haired shoujo in the wedding pic is… =)

  3. yapari. Lelouch is…. j/k XDD he’s just too preoccupied by a lot of things and love isn’t one of them.

  4. You missed some important point about Kallen’s profile in the complete which was completed by her profile in the official website; thing such as “I want you to fulfill your dream, this is my little wish” or a few things like that.
    There was no witch x warlok, yes, but it’s really the only pairing which really get sunk with this no lover no mother line.
    About Kallen all of those release in profile, interview and side stuff are saying “Maybe ?”

  5. Oh and :

    You forgot the other half of Kallen’s profile in Complete itself, and that they also have an innaccurate translation. It is not “mind and heart” it is “thoughts”.
    ~She didn’t grasp/understand his thoughts/plan.
    ~Not heart, there is no heart in there anywhere.

  6. Yep. Thanks Cheese-kun for the information. I forgot to include those. xD

  7. Are you from Animesuki? xD

  8. Yup I am (kinda)
    But more of a watcher ;) I’m not a shipping war fan

  9. I see. I thought you were the one who posted my blog on the forums. xD

  10. Ano whut ?
    I saw an official statement for no CCxLelouch as lovers, but I never saw anything like that for Kallen x Lelouch O.o
    Even the link you provide is etablishing an equality thing for LuluCC but isn’t killing in any way the whole Kallen/Lulu thing…

    Isn’t this official statement only about CC/Lulu only as lovers ? T.T

  11. Well , This post was like so last year so I don’t know if there are new updates about the translations. But I’m sure that the bottom line is that Lelouch was never interested in Love. He was just concentrating on the Zero Requiem thing.

  12. Yes but that’s a matter of interepretation there. The title is stating that they officially said Lulu/CC and Lulu/Kallen were both nonexistent while it only stated this clearly for Lulu/CC.
    It leads to misleading.

  13. Lelouch x Suzaku :D <3

  14. waaah..still, i’m a c.cxlelouch fan..
    but at least, he didn’t choose kallen either.. *sorry for kallen fans*

  15. all anime

  16. What these guys are saying is all bullshit for notice if these was there would have been official statement on wikipedia or something.

  17. There is more nuance to all of this, I think. Lelouch did care about Kallen, deeply – enough to want her to live. He did not reveal his Zero Requiem plan to her, because he didn’t want her to be brought down with it. She’s living a happy, normal life at the end, and she understands what Lelouch did for her by keeping her out of it. By refusing to acknowledge her kiss, he was maintaining his mask, just as he later did while speaking to Nunnally. She and Todoh both recognized Suzaku as Zero at the end.

    They don’t end up together, of course, but they certainly had a relationship with strong romantic overtones. It is possible to say that Lelouch loved her, and under other circumstances, would have done something about it.

    As for C2…each person’s geass manifests based on their deepest desires – their wishes for what they cannot have on their own. Naturally, Lelouch’s takes the form of control over the will of others. But C2’s made everyone love her. That was what she wanted most in the world, a person to love her. That explains her mistake with Mao, playing mother to him, raising him to care for only her. A friend, a companion to share her immortality with – that is what she wants, even more than death.

    I think Lelouch kept his contract with her, which certainly means witchxwarlock. True, he was not in love with her, but viewing her as an equal and going out of his way to treat her kindly also means something. This is all assuming he got Charles’ Code, of course, but I have to imagine he’s the ‘R2’ of the title (R and L being interchangable in Japanese), so that’s not so far-fetched.

    But the guide is correct – they are partners, collaborators, co-conspirators…equals. Lelouch does not look on her as a mother or lover, and that is not what he desires from her. When she reverts to her mortal self and calls him ‘Master’, he’s lost her.

    Doesn’t mean he’s not driving that cart at the end ;)

  18. And now a Shounen-ai fan attack! SUZULULU FOR LIFE<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 (lol, sorry if this offends the people who believe in straight pairings with Lulu like CC or Kallen =w=)

  19. well….he still chose cc over kallen!
    so i’m happy with that xD

  20. code geass grabe gwapo ni leluoch lamperuoch walang papalt sa kanya

  21. ok pa para sakin kung c.c. and lulu pro tutol aq kay kallen ……………….mas ok pa kung c shirley ang ganda ng chemistry swak naswak…..kikiligin ka tlga ………..that’s my opinion… ihope idon’t offend u………kasi certified shirlulu aq ………. forever tlli end…

  22. i like c.c x lelouch . i’m just curious bout’ something. cause as far as i have tracked the said story. somehow, lelouch and cc has something connected with their names. c: like cc is c2 and lelouch is l.l or L2. hha :D i don’t know if it does make sense. but am just a little bit concern with these thing i’ve noticed :)

    i think that there’s really no LOVE thing or wedding that’ll hapen in the story (so awful! why not?) besides, code geass focuses more on lelouch– who’s seeking revenge for his mother..

    but still i want lelouch and c.c to end up together! waaa! this anime is really frustrating! :(

  23. I, for one, was glad, they gave a final word on no “CCxLelouch”, because CC will always love Mao!

    I think its funny, Lelouch only ever tells Nunally (and Euphie) “I love you”, and they’re his sisters! And CC only ever tells Mao that (and grants him what she wanted most of all-death-yelling him 2 wait for her.

  24. wah is it true …!!
    hmmm …!! Lelouch’s brother tried to give an image with a cool cc

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