Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 16 Prelude to Tragedy

Before I proceed with my review , I present to you a lovely picture of all the innovators that appeared so far. ( With their same hair color counter-parts. ) Tieria is still too moe to be a man. :3 Love~ <3


This episode wasn’t a masterpiece compared to the others. It was slightly boring at the first half but it went a little well when things actually started happening. Marina made zero appearance. ( Thank God. ) Same as GN Archer ( Oh noes. ) I like the part where A-laws manipulated information against the rebels. Awesome tactic.

Nothing much happened here. The Masurao God Mode V.S. Gundam 00 God mode didn’t have much action since Setsuna wasn’t in any condition to fight in the first place and his Celestial Being allies came in to interfere. I really love Mister Bushido’s passion for fighting. He says ” He’ll surpass Gundam.” ( Yeah sure. )


I already had a hint on why A-Laws forces had to change formation. It only means something big will nuke the surrounding area. But Memento Mori having another chance to shine , that was unexpected. Still , I like the last part. The first stuffs that was presented in this episode were mildly boring which didn’t satisfy my week’s worth of mecha madness. Oh well , There’s Sora kake Girl.


One Response

  1. I guess Nova’s gonna get some screen time soon enough ‘coz Bring is already sleeping with the fishies.
    and I guess gender isn’t really much of an issue with ’em (anew and healing standing out, tieria.. well, I guess it’s for the fans; like what they did to Kallen back then lol)

    and yeah, the episode this time was more for papa bear.. Marie in her spacesuit was the only redeeming part for me (‘coz 00 and Masurao’s fight got cut off, with both pilots bleeding XD)

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