Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 19 Shadow of the Innovators + Marina Statistics

Too bad for this episode. We don’t get to see Marina die.  Instead , we unluckily receive more annoying scenes from the Moronic Marina.

Shirin offers her a gun. She rejects and comments on how she cannot look at the children directly in the eyes if she wields a gun. I wouldn’t want to go in-depth on how ridiculous her statement is since if I did , this review will just be full of Marina hate. ( I’m stating facts here. I’m not making up things. )


This episode was full of action. Although the “MARINA LIVES” scene was an extremely solid disappointment , I tried to look at the LOL factors that scattered throughout this episode.



This is  a Big LOL factor. I know they meant serious but I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Setsuna X Saji floating naked while screaming “YAMERRRRROOOOOOOO!”

There is also the “Healing Care is Setsuna with Green Hair scene.”


OMG! That’s Setsuna!

Now , back to a more serious matter. Andrei is still an ass and suspected that Soma’s sudden death was another act of unloyalty to the army. Soma , who hated being called Marie , has become this revenge-freak. It’s a good thing Alellujah still keeps an eye on her. Lockon still loves Anew even though he knows she’s an innovator. ( I think he pretty much understands who she is. ) Tieria doesn’t hesitate in killing his fellow innovatah and Saji has started to develope his character again. He decides to fight. To bring Loiuse back. Now that Loiuse has began to lose hatred towards Saji , I think from now on , it will be much easier to bring the sweet Loiuse back.

Nena kills Wang out of revenge. Ribbons repremanded Regene again and got busted. The paper with Veda’s coordinates died along with Wang. That was the key to defeating those concieted super humans but Oh no , Nena just HAD to execute her Revenge plan on that very day.

I wonder what will happen on the next episode. Anew is being mind-controlled…or something.

Here’s a an interesting statistical chart.


There are two rising points:

One is where she sang and annoyed the hell out of people.

And the second one is where she helped and smiled and stuff with Setsuna.

The lowest score she got was the latest. Instead of improving on her character , she dropped below zero and got a negative grade due to her unreasonable actions and sayings at Episode 19.


13 Responses

  1. dont tell me you werent touched during the louise-saji scene, coz i got teary eyed when saji embraced louise. i kinda relate to him, me being broken hearted and all) sigh, i miss my girlfriend.

    and dont be too harsh on marina, she aint a soldier, she used to live a pampered life as a princess, now shes thrown in a life full of turmoil…. she does her best to help around, care for the kids, among others… lets wait, maybe sunrise has something good in store for her… if not, fcuk sunrise….lol

  2. Okay, Alex Santos. Let’s give her time. lol.
    The whole season 1 didn’t do anything to her so let’s see in season 2. ( HAHAHAHAHA)

    About Saji and Louise , I wasn’t touched or anything…but I was rather excited that Saji and Louise could finally be together. Stupid Andrei ruined everything again.

  3. Hi… am from India & my name is Saji, I was searching meaning of my name in net as its not a common name here in India, My email id is plz any1 out there tell me more about the character saji & the meaning of saji in japanease

  4. This site my help you. It means peaceful.

  5. Thankx Luna.. am an 3d animator, worked in TAK & PINKY AND PERKY animation serial but havent heard of this japanese animation serial but 1 thing every1 know is people out there have there own crowd & industry . would like 2 know more abt saji. I tried some website but there the language is japanese. Anyway i believe this serial is a big 1 & am proud 2 hav my name as Saji

  6. No Problem, Saji. ^^

  7. Hi Luna… r u from japan & tell me abt animation over there.. paticularily … this character saji’s serial. Here in india our animation flims very dull. v work on foreign anim serials & films. Keep in touch …would like 2 hav a friend from japan so stay connected..bye

  8. Umm, sorry to disappoint you , but I’m not from Japan. :P

  9. hi luna…. how come u know so much abt animation… anyways thankx 4 everything….

  10. Oh, No problem. Umm..I do research and stuff lol.

  11. hi luna, animation is my hobby as well as profession so am bit more attached 2 animation, feels really good when some1 takes so much in this field. Which country u belong. wat u do? which animation movie & serial u like the most

  12. I’m currently a student in the Philippines. Doing review classes, playing online games and watching anime…
    yep. That’s me. Just your average otaku. MY fave anime is code geass. I like KyoAni. xD

  13. Well from u i learned OTAKU word, i didnt get it until i made a google search. what is Review classes? .All the animation on ur side r visually very good looking. U seem 2 have a liking 2wards 2D animation. y r u so unfair 2 3D animation stuff.curtsy u i gone thru an area in animation never explored b4. Keep intouch.I would like 2 have u in yahoo messenger my ID is leonine198 or Add me in msn messenger

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