About Me


Name: Luna L. Luria
Age: Invalid
Birthday: February 04
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Otaku
Organization: Kuro no Kishidan
Celestial Being
Relationship: Lelouch Vi Britannia and Neil Dylandy ( Yes, I love dead people. :3 )
Mobile Suit: GN-1234 Gundam Crossmoon
Belief:Everytime Saji does something stupid , a Gundam dies.
Religion: None ( Seriously. I don’t have one. And I’m proud of it. )
Idols: Konata Izumi and Haruhi Suzumiya


14 Responses

  1. ^_^ i stumbled to your humble page by google accidents. and thank you for the toradora osts!


  2. “Everytime Saji does something stupid , a Gundam dies.“

    LOL. I have to remember that one.

  3. HAHA dead ppl,
    ZOMG I gotta remember such an awesome yet funny quote:
    “Everytime Saji does something stupid, a Gundam dies”

  4. haha. nice quote there.

    are you an Albayano?

    I’m just curious coz I grew up there. XD

  5. otakun?lol,i am an otakaun girl!

  6. @Fumino
    Yes I am an Albayano~ :3

  7. of all the gundam 00 blogs/reviews out there, i only like to respond/give comments to yours…i dont know why, MAYBE BECAUSE YOU KEEP AN OPEN MIND…but nice job on the g00 review…keep it up

    i also think youre really a guy…mehh :P

    just kidding.

    oh… have a happy valentine’s day

  8. Lol wow.

    You may be a weaboo but you’ll never be Japanese.

    You are so awesome I love you!

  9. Hey
    Im from Poland ;)
    Nice to meet you
    anyway… thx for videos :)

  10. Is this some kind of blog? I want to join it! I LOVE mangas!!!!

  11. Join? You can join and register here, fella.

  12. haha, i wandered here by accident >_> its a pretty webpage. And well, the singer in the video has a cute voice xD

  13. Kya~ Sa-chan! Your blog is pretty, nya! =3 Although, very hard to navigate.. ^^;

  14. Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon! :D
    just passin’ by… take care of yourself Luna-san

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