This is one of my famous works. ( Is it? ) I’m happy to know that some of the people who have watched it think that it’s really Konata singing and they had doubts that it was a fandub. YOROSHIKU! Thanks for all your support, Minna!! :33

About the Video:

The microphone that I used was my MP4. It had a built-in mic. The recording wasn’t planned at all. I mean, no scripts , no plans , no nothing. I just got bored and wanted to do a fandub without any seriousness involved or trying to sound like haruhi Suzumiya. Well, I ended up sounding like Konata Izumi. ( a bit. )

Also, no pitch or reverb alterations either. What you hear in the video is the raw material. I think listening to Konata all the time made my voice sound like hers in that video. But when Lucky Star ended, I’m afraid I can’t find that voice anymore. Gomen. ◘


5 Responses

  1. uff….i think is desafined a bit, the letter is not the correct and the voice is not very good not looks like Konata….
    but is good

  2. yeah, it not particularly noteworthy but it is cute nonetheless…

    I think one of the better points of this was your enthusiasm .. soo.. lively…

    you must be a fun person to hand out with..

  3. This is really cute!! You sound a lot like Konata! (I did think it was her at first. X3 I had to read the comments…)


    P.S. The dog was funny, and the enthusiasm of your voice was cute. How old are you?

  4. I really like the sound of 0:53..
    You should try to become a voice actor or singer..

  5. Good job, you really sound like Konata! I actually thought it was her at the beginning. XD

    I liked the sound at 0:53 as well, you should sing the song in your normal voice too. Good job~

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