Tayutama : Late Anime Review


I know it’s a little late for this..but I just had to do it.

Tayutama lies between Nagi Kannagi, Chizuru Kanokon and those typical Harem anime.It’s not bad at all. In fact , I’m quite impressed on how it stayed loyal to the ero-game character designs. Unlike some animes ( *cough* Akikan *cough* )

So, we have a cliched story on where a girl is forced to live with a guy and become his partner for life. We’ve seen this genre/plot countless of times with varying character types , ways of meeting and reason for being stuck with each other. It could be arranged mairrage , destiny , the girl or boy was forced to be in “that” situation , etcetera etcetera. You know the drill. In this case , the guy is a decedant of some other guy who helped saved the world from evil hundreds of years ago. He’s also skilled and not some typical Baka-ero shounen. Still , the dialogue “It’s not what you think!” or “You misunderstood!!” is inevitable to say on a Harem anime by Yuuri.

Now, about the Female lead. We have a not-so innocent Goddess. Her personality cross-breeds between an innocent ojou-sama type and a sly fox. Which is , quite new to me , making me interested to watch this anime more.

Of course , the blonde iinchou-type is there. Imouto-type. Childhood friend type. What else…Oh..the black haired one with red eyes…I don’t know what’s her type but can I take a guess? The silent type? Well, let’s see.

This is a keeper for me. Even though WE ALL KNOW which route this anime is gonna take. Wait..I think we don’t know. Everyone thought Juinichi would end up with Yuuhi..So , no rash judgements first.

Note: Blonde girl is mine. MINE. Mio is also mine.


OH YES!/OH NO!?! : K-on Style

This is a new section to my blog. The Oh Yes! and Oh No! section. You’ll get it once you’ve seen it.












Lol. Higurashi..maybe…


OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: Persona 4 parody


No no no!!

Note: Persona 3 parody.


More like OH LOL.





K-ON : Azu-nyan as Mio’s Rival in Moe Moe Kyun Battle!


I was wondering why Mio isn’t the “Pigtailed Tsundere girl”. I mean , EVERY MOE ANIME HAS TO HAVE A TSURE-PIGTAIL!

So, the answer came in on episode 09 , where Azu-nyan officially enters the K-On gang. Mio carries 99% of the moe substance of K-on BUT LOOK , a younger , pig-tailed , slightly tsundere came in to the story and competes with MIO’S MOE MADNESS.

It was unexpected to me. ( since I don’t have any background on the Novel’s plot )

So, we have Senpai Tsundere and Kohai Tsundere. Well, this will be fun. Of course, fanart is just starting to grow for Azu-nyan. I doubt she could compete in Mio’s popularity. But still, you never know. Sawako sensei has been applying Moe armor on her lately. AND THAT’S JUST HER FIRST ( Official )APPEARANCE ON THAT EPISODE AND SHE BOMBARDED US WITH MOE EQUIPMENT AND GENSTURES.

You decided, my fellow otakus!!!

Haruhi-chan: Continues


Sorry. The Haruhi-chan series still continues. I made a mistake. That was just my assumption that when they are gonna release the DVDs , it’s over. Sorry. >.<

Episode 21 and 22 have been released at Kadokawa’s channel already. Enjoy.

K-ON: Don’t say “Lazy” FULL Download!


Awesome song. Nice MIO. Report broken links. It’s like 1 AM here and I’m gonna be scolded by my mom. No time for dilly dallying. ENJOY! MIO==========ISSSSSSS+++ MINEEEEEEE!!!

Sakurakou K-ON Bu – Don’t say “Lazy”.rar

K-On: Cagayake GIRLS Full Download!


Here it is. Totally sorry for download delays. BTW ,  Mio is mine.

Sakurakou K-ON bu – Cagayake GIRLS Album.rar

Haruhi-chan : OVER!?


Haruhi-chan is over. So , sad…*sniff* *sniff*

It had 20 episodes in total. It was pretty entertaining.

To make this post a sentence longer , they are going to release the DVDs for Haruhi-chan.