Angel Beats: Overall Review

I always thought that Angel Beats was based from a game. I probably misread it somewhere. Maybe it’s because if I read the word Key, I quickly assume that it’s from a game.

Jun Maeda, creator of Clannad, Kanon and Air  and a part of the Key team, is the one who created the story of Angel Beats. He’s a a freakin’ genius and quite skilled in making stories that make us cry.

I’d say this anime is one hell of a hit. The animation is spot-on, thanks to P.A. Works and Aniplex for this. High quality indeed. ( Even better if you buy the DVDs. )  The comedy and seriousness are equally balanced,  no dull moments, steady character growths ( for everyone ) and the plot is executed nicely that it isn’t dragging or boring at all.

Na-Ga is another member of the Key team who was nominated by Jun Maeda to do the job of creating the character designs of Angel Beats. He’s also responsible for designing the characters from Little Busters! Maeda personally requested that Yuri’s image should have a headband, based on Yukiko Amagi’s character from Persona 4. ( It’s his favorite character lol ).

I’m probably praising this anime too much, right?  Ha-ha! I don’t care. I loved it. Angel Beats taught me more about life. And the main theme of the story is acceptance to ones own life. WELL DONE, JUN MAEDA!!

This anime is definitely worth watching again. Thank you Angel Beats!


Durarara!!: Last episode Review + General Review of the Whole series

    After watching the last episode of Durarara, I had a blank expression on my face. It ended as if nothing happened. It was really nothing special. Nobody died, no shocking revelation, Ryuugamine didn’t do anything at all and in-terms of character growth, most of them didn’t improve at all. Some characters were oddly flat.That’s what you normally get when there are a lot of characters.The plot focused more on how they were connected which is one of the reasons why I watched the show in the first place.

    I have to admit. There were dull moments and they couldn’t keep the
    excitement that was built up on some of the episodes. But they put a lot of cliff hangers which pretty much made us look forward to the next

    It was a happy ending. A very plain one at that. Kida, Ryuugamine and
    Anri are reunited and Ikebukuro remains the same. I’m hoping for a season 2 or an OVA or maybe even a movie. Because, I really can’t accept such a dull ending. The series had potential to be a great one but too bad it didn’t. Looking back now, I guess I’ll rate Durarara as “Above Average”. Still worth watching but not worth watching again. That’s just me though.

    There are things you wouldn’t get with just one view of Durarara. It’s just like a game. You don’t unlock everything with just one play through.I know I didn’t get the whole picture of the anime but I’m satisfied with what I got already.

    Thanks Durarara! Without you, there wouldn’t be “Colorless”.

    Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 19 Shadow of the Innovators + Marina Statistics

    Too bad for this episode. We don’t get to see Marina die.  Instead , we unluckily receive more annoying scenes from the Moronic Marina.

    Shirin offers her a gun. She rejects and comments on how she cannot look at the children directly in the eyes if she wields a gun. I wouldn’t want to go in-depth on how ridiculous her statement is since if I did , this review will just be full of Marina hate. ( I’m stating facts here. I’m not making up things. )


    This episode was full of action. Although the “MARINA LIVES” scene was an extremely solid disappointment , I tried to look at the LOL factors that scattered throughout this episode.



    This is  a Big LOL factor. I know they meant serious but I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Setsuna X Saji floating naked while screaming “YAMERRRRROOOOOOOO!”

    There is also the “Healing Care is Setsuna with Green Hair scene.”


    OMG! That’s Setsuna!

    Now , back to a more serious matter. Andrei is still an ass and suspected that Soma’s sudden death was another act of unloyalty to the army. Soma , who hated being called Marie , has become this revenge-freak. It’s a good thing Alellujah still keeps an eye on her. Lockon still loves Anew even though he knows she’s an innovator. ( I think he pretty much understands who she is. ) Tieria doesn’t hesitate in killing his fellow innovatah and Saji has started to develope his character again. He decides to fight. To bring Loiuse back. Now that Loiuse has began to lose hatred towards Saji , I think from now on , it will be much easier to bring the sweet Loiuse back.

    Nena kills Wang out of revenge. Ribbons repremanded Regene again and got busted. The paper with Veda’s coordinates died along with Wang. That was the key to defeating those concieted super humans but Oh no , Nena just HAD to execute her Revenge plan on that very day.

    I wonder what will happen on the next episode. Anew is being mind-controlled…or something.

    Here’s a an interesting statistical chart.


    There are two rising points:

    One is where she sang and annoyed the hell out of people.

    And the second one is where she helped and smiled and stuff with Setsuna.

    The lowest score she got was the latest. Instead of improving on her character , she dropped below zero and got a negative grade due to her unreasonable actions and sayings at Episode 19.

    Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 17 Within the Scattered Light

    Last episode was slightly boring at times but this episode made my Mecha day. To me , this is the BEST EPISODE of the entire Gundam 00 series. ( so far. )


    I’ll make this quick since it’s waay past my bedtime. What gave me the impression of this being the best episode so far was it’s fluid animation ( Falling debris , massive army movement , Orbital Elevator’s Auto-purge system , etc. ) and character developments in such a short time. We get to see Saji Crossroad in action again. I’m telling you , the part where Saji says “Saji Crossroad, 0-Raiser! Hashinshimasu!” was like the joke of the year. I laughed so hard. Every moment. Every second. It was so full of adrenaline. It all started when 00 Gundam tried to stop Memento Mori but no , it wasn’t enough.

    What I liked about this episode was how everyone helped each other in the middle of the battle. That’s how the soldiers should act in the first place. Putting the citizen’s safety first.

    I’m glad that FINALLY , after 5 episodes , we get to see GN-Archer in action. And Hell yeah , it’s my Favorite Soma..I mean , Marie Parfacy who piloted it. I thought it was supposed to be attached into Arios’ body?


    Andrei really pisses me off. It’s people like him that makes the world run down in turmoil. His father says “Wait!” then Andrei moves on and kills his own father. I’d call that stupidity. He doesn’t have the right to be a soldier, I swear. He doesn’t know how painful the decision Smirnov made for his wife , Holly. That dumbass pisses off. He’s like the new Moronic character of Gundam 00. He took Saji’s crown.

    Perfect Episode. Well done, Sunrise.

    Marina is still had the award of MOST ANNOYING character in Gundam 00. In this episode, she gets to say one line. “If only our song can be heard..” Oh , put a sock in it, Marina. Seriously , everything about you annoys the hell out of me. You’re existence is to annoy people without even trying. It’s your job. It’s your sole purpose. I’m gonna screw sunrise if she ends up being an Innovator.

    Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 16 Prelude to Tragedy

    Before I proceed with my review , I present to you a lovely picture of all the innovators that appeared so far. ( With their same hair color counter-parts. ) Tieria is still too moe to be a man. :3 Love~ <3


    This episode wasn’t a masterpiece compared to the others. It was slightly boring at the first half but it went a little well when things actually started happening. Marina made zero appearance. ( Thank God. ) Same as GN Archer ( Oh noes. ) I like the part where A-laws manipulated information against the rebels. Awesome tactic.

    Nothing much happened here. The Masurao God Mode V.S. Gundam 00 God mode didn’t have much action since Setsuna wasn’t in any condition to fight in the first place and his Celestial Being allies came in to interfere. I really love Mister Bushido’s passion for fighting. He says ” He’ll surpass Gundam.” ( Yeah sure. )


    I already had a hint on why A-Laws forces had to change formation. It only means something big will nuke the surrounding area. But Memento Mori having another chance to shine , that was unexpected. Still , I like the last part. The first stuffs that was presented in this episode were mildly boring which didn’t satisfy my week’s worth of mecha madness. Oh well , There’s Sora kake Girl.

    Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 15 Victory Song of Resistance

    Marina Ismail gets plus points for comforting Setsuna AND for smiling ( 5 times! I counted ). She has also revealed that she wants to be like Lacus Clyne and thought that her princess career isn’t right for her.


    I found this episode prefectly executed with balanced scenes and more character developements. You get to see Marina smile and Tieria’s human care. I’m sure Marina fans are very happy that she ACTUALLY DID something that contributed greatly in the gundam 00 series. I think I’m exagerrating to much. Maybe it’s because Marina does not do anything and when she does something , it’s a BIG DEAL. It’s just like how a person does not move over 100 days. Then it lifts a finger , EVERYONE WILL BE AMAZED!!

    Anyways , Setsuna also shows an emotion aside from the ” Ore wa Gundam da” mode. Yay for you!

    We don’t get to see GN-Archer again. When Soma asked permission to dock the GN Archer , I was excited and very happy to know that Marie would be the one who’ll pilot it. But no , thanks to the Coup D ‘etat , A-laws had to retreat and take action , leaving the chance of fully eliminating Celestial Being’s main forces. The timing was perfect. But the Empress Unit is really scary…They immobilize a unit…with ease . They need a counter for that. Trans-Am, perhaps?


    It’s surprising how Tieria put a blanket over the Twin Drill desu girl and saying thanks. Then she said “You can’t fall in-love with me.” I don’t mind if these two becomes a couple , what’s up with the weird coupling?

    The episode ends where , AGAIN , Trans-Graham managed to ruin Setsuna’s day by showing off his new Unit , Masurao + Trans-am.

    Can’t wait for the next episode. I love how Mister Bushido talks about fighting passionately.

    Gundam 00 Season 2 : Trust you 2nd Ending Video Download + Review + Meanings!

    See the First Ending

    Now, look at the 2nd Ending

    Download Link : [ It’s approximately 16 MB ]

    Gundam 00 2nd Ending – Trust You.Avi

    This song makes the first ending “Prototype” ridiculous. The first ending sequences hold deep meanings regarding the Character’s stories , especially the “Koi” ( Love ) part. The 2nd ending , which is “Trust you” by Yuna Itou , pawned Prototype.

    The 1st ending held too many questions like ” WHO WAS THE GIRL BEHIND THAT WHITE CLOTH!?” and people were like “It’s Tieria”. Others say “No. It’s Feldt.” But You’re all freakin’ wrong. It’s Miss Anew Returner. She’s nice…but I don’t know why I don’t find her appealing…



    Saji X Louise : Saji pulling Louise. This sign signifies that Saji might be able to take her back. Just like in the opening “Namida no Mukou”.

    Tieria’s scene : At “Prototype” , Tieria shot at his own reflection. Now, in the current ending , he is shown turning against the Innovators. Meaning, he’s not confused anymore. He’s…err..human, as he said before killing Bring Stabity at episode 14.

    Ale X Marie: This is obvious. They’re now happy together. Nothing changed actually. Except that the two of them kissed.

    Lockon’s Part: Oh, you know. It was Anew all along.



    Ale X Soma : Their jackets are shown floating in the sea…Water again? Why Water? The previous scene also had water , reflecting A-Laws units in the sky.

    Anew X Lockon ( Lyle ) : Official. No arguments here.

    Louise X Saji  : A clear sign that they’ll be together again.

    ( Sorry about the previous error. I saw a comment on youtube that said “LOCKON’S AND TIERIA’S JACKETS!”. Something happened in my brain that made me visualize Teiria’s and Lockon’s jackets together. Which is weird since I’ve watched the video multiple times. O.O )

    Tieria’s glasses and jacket : Tieria’s jacket was shown without any partner. Poor guy.

    Note: Sorry about the errors. Really sorry. >.<

    I’ll give out the episode 15 review later. Ja ne~!