K-ON: Don’t say “Lazy” FULL Download!


Awesome song. Nice MIO. Report broken links. It’s like 1 AM here and I’m gonna be scolded by my mom. No time for dilly dallying. ENJOY! MIO==========ISSSSSSS+++ MINEEEEEEE!!!

Sakurakou K-ON Bu – Don’t say “Lazy”.rar


K-On: Cagayake GIRLS Full Download!


Here it is. Totally sorry for download delays. BTW ,  Mio is mine.

Sakurakou K-ON bu – Cagayake GIRLS Album.rar

Sora Kake Girl:Kowai Honoka Character song Vol. 3 FULL download!


It’s “Scary” Honoka. I mean , KOWAI Honoka. Yes, people. That FLUTE right there is a FAN SERVICE. Report broken links , please.

Sora Kake Girl – Kowai Honoka Character song Vol. 3.rar

Sora Kake Girl: Itsuki Kannagi Character song Vol. 2 FULL download!


Itsuki Kannagi is my favorite character for some reason…Oh wait , it’s Leopard. Report broken links please!

Sora Kake Girl – Itsuki Kannagi Character song Vol. 2.rar

Sora Kake Girl : Shishidou Akiha Character Song Vol. 1 FULL Download!


Rapidshare sucks right? I’m sorry I haven’t switched hosts sooner. If there are any more problems with the new host , please tell me and I will change them for you guys.

Sora kake GIRL – Shishidou Akiha Character Song Vol. 1.rar


Akikan : Surprise Akikan Can – Mikkuchu Jucchu!


Akikan – Koisora Recycling [ Mikkuchu Jucchu ].mp3

I was surprised as well. I didn’t understand what Mikkuchu Jucchu is..but then I realized upon hearing the song that  Mikkuchu Jucchu is actually Mikuchu Juice.

This song is included in the Akikan ED album which will be available for download in a while.

Gundam 00 Season 2 : I Trust You Full Download ( With Instrumental Version ) !


Looks like I’m a week late for this. But since I was away for a long time , I guess I’ll have to make it up to you guys. Get ready for some MAJOR POSTING FLOOD! I hope ya’ll forgive me.

Anyway , here it is:

Yuna Ito – I trust you.mp3

Yuna Ito – I trust you ( Instrumental Version ).mp3