Final Fantasy : Final Fantasy 14 – WHEN WILL THE FANTASY END!?

So, it’s that time again , E3. Lotsa game trailers and announcements and one of them is the new Final Fantasy game.

As you can see in the trailer , the male lead doesn’t have the GIRLY face some gamers usually complain about. The guy is tough and sexaaaayyy.

The game could be played online and is available for both PC and PS3. ( Yay me. ) Nothing is much known about what battle system it has , characters , when it’s gonna come out etc. We’ll just have to wait. I’m assuming that this game will be P2P so , BOOHOOO!



Game : Toradora on the PSP!

I know this is a little late but I can’t help but post about this Game.


Currently airing Anime Toradora has been turned into a PSP adventure game. Yuyuko Takemiya , the original Author of the Light Novel Series , will be a part of the staff as a supervisor of the game’s development.

In this game , you get to control Ryuuji Takasu and your actions will depend on the ending of the game. Same as typical Visual Novel games , you have your standard set of different endings , fully-voiced characters , CG art and exclusive game events not found in the Anime or the Light Novel.


This game will be released at April 30, 2009. I wonder what the Opening looks like and the CG art.

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Unity Marriage ~ Futari No Hanayome~ : Unity Mei and Yuno Figures


Before I proceed to the topic at hand , here’s a brief review about this H Visual Novel game , Unity Mairrage ~Futari no Hanayome~.

This Ero game is really simple and has the usual harem story. This game is really ero and contains Yuri. The main protagonist promised two girls to marry him when he was a child and an evil organiziation president wants to make those two girls his brides instead. By the power of the rings , the girls become Bishoujo Bridal Warriors!

This is Unity Yuno’s Figure:

Unity Yuno ( ゆにてぃゆーの ) is just your average pink haired shoujo. Until, she transforms herself into Unity Yuno~! Isn’t her costume so cute? Anyway , the wings on her sides are very very fragile and you might break if you’re not careful with it.If you’re wondering , the flowers on her clothes and hair are all because of her magical transformation.She has been released last year and cost about P3,557. ( 6800 Yen ). It’s all thanks to Good Smile and Hironori Tokunaga. ( Sculptor. )

[Closer Look ]

Another work of art. Oh yeah , her “flower bra” can be taken off for all those ecchi otakus out there afufufu. ( There’s nothing wrong with it. Honestly. ) If you wanna know how she looks like if she’s not in her magical battle suit, it’s here:


[ Oh my God! Super moe overload!! *nosebleeds* ]

Next is Unity Mei’s Figure:


Unity Mei ( ゆにてぃめい ) is the meganekko type in this visual novel game. But when she transforms , she becomes the cool Unity Mei! The blending of the gradient colors on her kimono are smoothly colored and the flow of her dress has been elegantly sculpted.You can take off her kimono-ish coat to see her slender figure.



This is how she looks like when she’s at normal mode:

The other two Unity Brides doesn’t have any figures yet but I guess we’ll be expecting them to be sculpted into figures as well.


These two Unity brides are contrasting each other. At the right we have a Loli-Petanko and at the left, we have a major oppai bishoujo.

If you would like to know more about this game , you can always consult their official website.

Unity Marriage Official Website ( Japanese )

Note: The download section is full of stuffs so go visit there first Ha-ha-Ha!

Source : Good Smile

Type Moon : Fate/Side Side Materiale 3 Download!


If you’re a fan of the Fate series, I think you would appreciate these extra sketches and some colored artwork. Please report if the link is broken.

Type Moon – Fate/Side Side materiale 3.pdf

Nandato! : Visual Art’s/Key Productions + Fast facts

Fans outside of Japan ( or people who don’t play Visual Novels )  started to be familliar of the name Visual/Art’s key when Kyoto Animation started adapting their works into an Anime Series. The most succesful so far was Clannad, which was also done by Key.

The following are products of the said company. Some are familiar but the others are not. But, Little Busters! has already made it’s name without being adapted into an anime title. (It has a manga though. )







List of games : Kanon , Air , Clannad , Planetarian , Tomoyo After , Little Busters!

Fast facts:

  • Some of this games have been released in different versions. Examples are Air and Kanon which has the R-18 version and the “For All-Ages” one. Some of these games aren’t fully voiced and the prices of different versions vary.
  • Clannad’s latest release was the Full-Voiced version which is cheaper than the non-voiced one.
  • Planetarian and Clannad are not R-18 games.
  • The Tomoyo After game is an H-game. ( R-18 ) It’s strange how Okazaki isn’t on this game.

I hope this helps.

Source : Visual Art’s /Key’s Official Website

When they Cry : Umineko No Naka Koro Ni Soundtrack Download!


Umineko No Naka Koro ni - Active Pain

Well , I’ll upload the second part later. I’ve heard this game sold out under 30 minutes at C75. I’ve read some of the manga chapters but I didn’t continue since this will become an anime. Anyways , please enjoy and report broken links.

Umineko no naka koro ni – Active pain.rar

Game : Gundam VS Gundam Game Review ( PSP Version )

When I saw this in NEWTYPE , It was my last hope to play at least one Gundam 00 mecha. Since the Gundam 00 Meisters game cannot be found and my Ps2 sucks a bit , my PsP saved my anime-gaming-mecha life.


The Gundam VS Gundam game is a mission-based game featuring the main Mechs in famous Gundam series, including the first Gundam to last season’s Gundam 00. , GN-001 Exia.


There are several added features like the “Mobile Assist” system. When you press the ‘Select” button , an extra or two mobile suits or mobile armor would appear near you as an additional attacker or sheild. For example , Exia’s mobile assist is Gundam Dynames. It disappears after a short amount of time. ( 5-10 seconds in general. )

There is also the G-Crossover System but before I knew about this term , I plainly used “Super”. It’s like  super weapon. And it deals massive damage over a large area. For example , ( I’m using Exia again since I’m very familliar with the 00 series. ) Exia’s G-Crossover is Tieria’s Gundam Virtue’s gigantic GN-Bazooka. ( There is this G-Crossover which I do not get. It’s a giant Santa Clause that explodes. Can anyone tell me what that means lol? )

You get a lot of modes too. There’s the normal with four different missions, Time attack , hard etc. The boss is pretty much the same and you could easily read your enemy’s attack patterns.



The Gundam CG’s are well-made. ( TOUZEN DA! OF COURSE! ) Movements are smooth and realistic. ( in a Gundam/Mecha/Robot sense.) I’m impressed at some of the old units , like Gundam G or ( God ). They are awesome to use and most of the gundams have a decent amount of awesome combos.( Like Exia’s Quadraple ( or Triple? ) kick while the camera angle focused on you is pretty cool.


“Just one beat! COMMINICATION!?” Oh my god? Blast from the past. The opening themes are mostly played while battling. Unfortunately , I don’t think Daybreak’s Bell is a part of the Gundam VS Gundam OST. ( Or maybe I missed it and I was too engrossed at playing )

What made me wonder is..”Why didn’t Gundam Kyrios appear?” Dynames is there as the Support Unit , Virtue as a G-Crossover and Exia as one of the selectable Mechs. Kyrios did not appear at all , not even in the credits. WHY!? WHY?! WHY?! WHY!?! Not even mentioned. LOL!

Anyway , seems I’m not hard to please and I don’t see anything to complain about. ( Since I’ve only seen Gundam 00 , SEED, Destiny , Wing , X , G )

It’s a: 4 out of 5.