Anime Life: Yes, it’s normal to feel sad

I feel sad. There. I said it.

I dropped the first semester since I’m moving to manila. Of course, comparing myself to Ryuugamine Mikado is inevitable.  I was all excited about this new life I’m about to take…but now I’m going there soon. I’m slowly absorbing everything and slight annoying words or happenings increase my sadness to a higher level.

It’s not just about one thing. It’s about everything that’s happening recently, compressing itself into one package. Opening it is like releasing Pandora’s Box. Oh, look at me. All emo and fucking negative.

Among everything I dislike, the one I detest the most is being negative. You can’t help it sometimes, right? And I do my best to avoid people when I feel that way because I don’t want them getting my negative aura. I don’t want to cause any trouble to anyone. Especially to people who I care the most. ( Is it who or whom? Fuck my grammar. )

I’ve become attached to some guy I’ve never met in real life, ex-koibito is sending out group messages of how his life is going and I don’t freakin care that’s why it annoys me that much, I’m leaving the place where I was born ( for good. ) and what else? Oh, the thing I love the most is anime. And I feel so freakin sad that I don’t have that same mentality towards it compared to the girl otaku I was before. It must be because of what’s going on in my life lately.

Being single is fucking rewarding. I can do whatever the hell I want,I’ve got time for myself and I won’t worry about anyone getting mad at me if I talk to a guy or watch anime all day long.

It’s just another day. It’s just….one of those fucking days you’ll forget once you’ve got everything worked out. This problem? Pssh. I don’t even need to activate my trans-am mode to kick your ass. Oh well.

And that ends our blogging for today! Enjoy your anime and remember..



Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 24 Beyond

Another epicly planned episode. ( Yes , looks like Marina is YET to show us something. Oh wait , there’s only one episode left? Oh goodie!? Will MARINA EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER DO SOMETHING!?!?! ) Everything. WAS. GREAT!April 5th is the next airing of the last episode. Can’t wait for the ending.


So the Anti-CockyRibbons faction ( which consists of Tieria and Regena ) has won this round. Who knew they could actually LINK or BECOME Veda. So , it’s not Tieria X Feldt nor Tieria X Lockon. It became Tieria X Veda instead , as predicted by the Ending Sequence.

Whew. I thought they were all gonna die for a second there. But of course, there’s always a BIG SURPRISE! Like , you thought Bankai was the last form , BUT BOOM! Ichigo almost died and he became a Hollow. Or you thought Sailormoon just had one form but she had another form when everyone was just about to die and lose hope. HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT?! Trans-Am BURST MODE!? WTF!? IT’S CLICHE BUT SO EPIC!?

Saji X Louise story …uhh…yeah, they’re together now. Their story is over , thank God. It’s funny how Saji was happy to see his kawaii Kanojo and then she suddenly strangles him to death and faints afterwards. Oh, LAWL.


AND I’m so happy Soma didn’t die. I was all nervous and thinking that Marina should die instead. But Soma’s story is settled now.

Sumeragi’s story is done. Lockon’s revenge is done as well. Almost 80% of the cast had finished their  issues/problems/feelings etc. Never mind Marina because she doesn’t have a story in the first place. The Trial mode was awesome by the way. Works like an ECM that prevents electronics to work. Awesome technology.

So there are Innovators, Inovades , Useless Marina ( Just one. FELDT FTW!! ) , Pure Innovators and ANINNOVATORTHATSURPASSESINOVADESANDINNOVATORS (lol. Try and read that. HA-HA! ) What’s next?

Can’t wait for the final showdown!!! Stay tuned for my  last Gundam 00 review ( Probably also my Last post. *sob* *sob* ) BYE!

Various Anime + Anime Life: Plamo/PVC collection Coverage.

I’m done with Lockon Stratos’ Cherudim. I’ve taken Web cam AND Digi-Cam pictures. ( I’m not a very good photographer. ) Most of the Gundams are with my dad in Manila. All I have here are the ones I have assembled here in Bicol.

A good view of Haruhi and Cherudim’s date.

A blurred picture of Haruhi , Cherudim and Mikuru.

How sweet~ I feel jealous.. T_T

Awesome view of Cherudim’s rifle. ( SARCASM ATTACK! )

Oh, I just love Cherudim here. I got a nice shot.

This is a blurry picture of what the top of my cabinet looks like.
Flowery Otaku-ish with Mecha mecha madness!

Now for the Digi-cam pictures! ( less comedy, More seriousness. Still , Blurry though. )


You could see the Fragile Flag in the background. At the side , you could see Cherudim’s shields in a barrier formation. At the top side , you’ll see Asakura’s legs peeking. ( Lol. )

More Cherudim:


SEE THE SHIELDS!!! So awesome!! :3 ( The quality of the picture destroys it lol. )



If you haven’t noticed it yet , you could see Exia carrying Asakura. LOL. Behind the PVCs , you can also see a Nogizaka-nyan bookmark from OTAKUZINE!


Aww~ Moe~~ Mikuru-tan is soo kawaii~~ [ Stupid me with low quality pictures. ]

A clearer vision on Exia carrying Asakura. [ Skirtless asakura..AFUFUFUFU~!! ] :3 With..a gundam 00 pamphlet beside them.


( Whole picture. It’s quite messy…>.< )

There you have it~! Once I build Lancelot Conquista, I’m going to make sure I post them!! Bye bye~!!

Anime Life : Catholic School Teachers are Funny as hell.


I know nobody is perfect and all, but if they wanna go around saying that saying bad words are wrong or scold students because of disrespect , oh please. I mean , they always say bad words. In front of us. Right in front of our faces. Actually , I would understand them if they actually said those things. What I don’t understand is that they forbid students to say bad words ( Doy. It’s written in the handbook as one of the offenses ) and yet they say it. LOUD AND CLEAR.

About a week ago , my teacher was so angry at my schoolmate for disrespecting the rules, ( Almost everyday actually. ) The teacher pointed her finger at the student and said “You’re a shit!” Well , it was really funny but if the board of education hears this , it’s not gonna be funny anymore.

A while ago , my Computer teacher got pissed off with my classmate since he doesn’t have a pen . My teacher said “Where is your brain located? IN YOUR ASS!” I laughed again. I mean , these teachers watch waaay to much American movies.

I was a student of the worst class last year which was nicknamed as the “DEMONIC” Class. ( Our class is named after St. Dominic. ) Our very holy math teacher screamed at us like a witch “MGA HAYOP KAYO!!! ” She once ripped the project of my classmate in front of us, which was really really wrong no matter what the kid did to you.

Nowadays , my classmates and I find our teacher’s misery as a source of entertainment. It’s better to laugh at them than to be mad at them, right? It’s their fault they’re like that. They keep on blaming us how tiring their life is. Well , wake up. You’re a teacher. Being a teacher takes dedication.If you keep blaming things on others , you’ll never grow.

That’s the lesson you derive from stupid teachers. Very helpful indeed.

Clannad : Rich in Character Growth and Plot. I cry in EVERY episode.

It’s freaking great. Clannad is about life. You get to watch the characters grow in every aspect of life. It’s touching really. They don’t rely too much on the ecchi stuffs. More Moe and More realistic things.


Nagisa is now pregnant with no hint that they slept together until she gave out the news at episode 14. I love how Okazaki respects Nagisa and how Nagisa supports him. Their love is the best. ( I wish I had one like that. ) They now await thier baby girl OR boy. They look adorable and I love hoe they are all honest to each other. I’m crying right now. I have a soft spot for characters when I get attached to them. I hope no one freakin’ dies. Clannad is the best Drama anime I’ve ever seen. The story..the characters…everything…makes me wanna cry.

Anime Life: Sleeping saved my day + Exams + Letter from School = O.O

I received a letter from the school that I have committed approximately 28 1/2 absences last year. Those times where they don’t notice that I was gone were not accounted for, so , it’s more than a month’s worth of absences.


Thankfully, the rules have  changed. But I won’t let my guard down. I could be under probation or something. But a talk between my parents and the teachers over the phone might change everything. I told myself not to skip classes ( I keep doing it anyway ) but this time , it’s different. I’ve applied a different philosophy in my life. “It’s better to sleep at school rather than be absent from it.” I’m a frequent sleeper inside my classroom. I don’t force myself to sleep..but when it gets boring , I could sleep while sitting down. I dream about stuff too. My recent dream was weird..I prayed to God through my PSP. Weird. O.O

I don’t feel like studying..but I’ll still study. :3 Goodluck to me lolz.

Anime Life: Funny Thing Happened When I downloaded Gundam 00


I saw that Gundam 00 episode 14 has been subbed and uploaded. It’s new alright. And all I thought was “The new opening! THE NEW OPENING!!?” So , I downloaded it…

Then…it finished.

Played the video.


Damn it. It’s in English. This is season one’s episode 14 NOT season 2. Oh well. It was a good LOL.