Final Fantasy : Final Fantasy 14 – WHEN WILL THE FANTASY END!?

So, it’s that time again , E3. Lotsa game trailers and announcements and one of them is the new Final Fantasy game.

As you can see in the trailer , the male lead doesn’t have the GIRLY face some gamers usually complain about. The guy is tough and sexaaaayyy.

The game could be played online and is available for both PC and PS3. ( Yay me. ) Nothing is much known about what battle system it has , characters , when it’s gonna come out etc. We’ll just have to wait. I’m assuming that this game will be P2P so , BOOHOOO!



Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 22 For the Future + Short Comics

This episode is bad ass. And I wanna punish myself for being harsh on episode 21. What made this episode FULL of EPICNESS is that Sunrise keeps on trolling with Setsuna x Marina fan girls. I love it.


The episode starts off with the continuation of Bushido VS Setsuna. Again , Bushido fans are dissapointed since , first of all , it’s freakin’ short and second , it was implied that maybe , just maybe , Bushido commited suicide or “Harakiri” because that’s what Samurais do to protect their code of honor. But we don’t know that yet. Everyone has been predicting that Setsuna’s BIG FINAL FIGHT was with Graham but I guess that idea went down the drain. While I was watching their mecha fight , I noticed that the technique used by Setsuna was also used in another mecha anime…Can anyone guess?


Note: The technique is at 2:10.


Tieria is still attached to Neil. WAIT! I just thought of something…Did they kill Anew so that the Tieria X Lockon pairing will be ressurected? After all , Lockon saved Tieria again AND Tieria says “Lockon” and not Neil. Ahahaha. ( I’m sorry. I’m just this Tieria X Lockon hardcore fangirl so, I give meaning to anything that has to do with Lockon and Tieria. ) Speaking of Lockon , I forgot it was his birthday last March 3. How sinful of me to have fogotten a Meister’s B-day. Kidding. :P Here’s a short comic dedicated to the twins:


Soma X Ale are getting some slight developement lately. That’s good. SOMA IS VERY PRETTY!!!

Let’s get back to the Setsuna X Feldt issue. Surprisingly , I’m in no way against this pairing. I was fine , didn’t feel any rage Trans-am whatsoever and actually smiled at the scene. Maybe it’s because Setsuna has once again rejected Marina indirectly OR something sweet ACTUALLY happened with Setsuna. He can be really hard to communicate to , especially when you want to get a romantic scene.


( I don’t know why but I found it funny that he put the flower inside his Helmet. )


I just felt like doing this. :3

The fighting scenes were more than satisfying and I was relieved to find out that Commander Fatty died. Katharon and Kati managed to come in time and saves CB’s ass.

Marina still hasn’t done anyting. I’m kinda relieved since I don’t want the ending to involve her or her song. I already hate her. and I won’t wait any longer for her to improve or do anything. It’s TOOOO LAAAATTEE!

As for the last scene , I doubt it that Ribbons would die just like that. Or it could be a major plot twist. If so , then that twist already happened at season 1. Where Ribbons betrayed Alejandro Corner because he has his own plans. Again , I don’t want Gundam 00 to have bad impression on me , especially that now it’s gonna end. I’ll let it slip.

Oh right , There was some news about how Gundam 00’s ending will have a surprise. The creator told us to watch UNTIL THE VERY LAST SECOND. Now , I’m really REAAALLY excited.

That’s all for now. Whew, that was a long post. See ya’ll next week!

Haruhi-chan : Paradise Lost On Haruhi-chan!

Without a doubt , this is epic for Minori Chihara fans. The Haruhi-chan anime is becoming funnier and funnier as each episode progresses.

Those who aren’t Minori / Ga-rei fans will not get this joke but this is mainly a seiyuu joke.

Gundam 00 S2 : Namida no Mukou KONATA STYLE!

I did this for fun and for PURE entertainment. I’m not trying to insult anyone or cause Konata Fangirls/boys or Gundam people to shower me with “EPIC FAIL” or “Fuck you!” or anything of that sort.

Just enjoy the parody. :3

Clannad After Story : Clannad OP 1 is a spoiler for Clannad After Story Episode 18.

Waiting for Clannad After Story Episode 18 download to finish , I decided to watch Episode 02 of Clannad. So , the Clannad OP 1 is fresh on my mind.

After watching Episode 18 , I noticed that the part where Ushio ran across the Sunflower field was quite similar to the scene where a kid also runs across the field of sunflowers without revealing the kid’s face. At first I thought , “This must be Nagisa when she was a kid” but after watching EP 18 , IT WAS USHIO after all. Minor Spoilers can be found at the After Story Opening as well. Who was Fuko hugging? It’s USHIO!


Clannad never fails to make me cry. And in EP 18 , I cried buckets of tears. ( I’m exaggerating , obviously. )What’s the ending of this masterpiece? I don’t want it to end…but I don’t have a choice either.

Haruhi Suzumiya : Haruhi-chan Finally Climbs out of Youtube After Troll Boat Incident! + Details


Kadokawa never fails to alarm and cause rage among extreme Haruhists. The current troll that was unleashed into was the uploaded video about how they are not done with Haruhi-chan yet in the form of a ” School Days Nice Boat” style.Despite announcing that the air date was already officially confirmed , they managed to pull out this stunt.

The video of the “Nice Boat” troll has been put into private. So , you can’t view it now. Unless , someone copied it and re-uploaded it.

But to our surprise , they uploaded it anyway. This anime short is under 5:00 minutes. Do not expect a KyoAni quality animation because this is an internet web series. There are RAW and subtitled versions at the Kadokawa Channel. Churuya-tan Anime can also be found in the said channel.Seiyuus are retained and stories are randomly amusing.

Not everyone will like it but I’m sure this will keep you entertained until Haruhi is “Found”.

Suzumiya Haruhi-chan OP


Churuya-san Episode # 1


NANDATO! :Kimi ni mune Kyun~! Five Different Versions Compiled!


Since Maria Holic’s premieire of their Ending song Remake “Kimi ni Mune Kyun” , which was originally sang by the group YMO , I started to search for the song in Youtube. And to my surprise , I’ve found Five Different versions:

First up , We have the Maria Holic Version:

The Maria Holic version is performed by the Ame no Kisaki school students. This version is more upbeat and modern techno-ish. The voices are altered which make them sound like robots.This version could be stuck in your heads…FOREVER! Okay , forever is a little off.

Next Version:

This version is lighter and more relaxing. Her voice is so angelic and I never knew that this version even existed! Her name is Toki Asako and it’s fairly addicting compared to the others.

There is also a Rock Version:

Not bad at all. I actually liked it. The instrumentals were so METAL. And I love this version as well. But it’s still not addicting compared to the other Kimi ni Mune Kyun remakes.

This is the English Version:

You guys are gonna surprised who the performers are. It’s the HUMAN LEAGUE. I know they’re famous. Just search them on the web. Doesn’t live up to the original but yeah , it’s okay.

Hatsune Miku Version:

A cute version, huh? Hatsune is so Moe in many ways.

Original Version:

Edited: I’ve found a rock version. It’s so interesting.