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Ahoy There!

In this blog, I’m Luna L. Luria but on some other sites, I’m known as Spring_sakura111 or just Sakura.Aside from this blog , you can contact me on other sites. ^^

You tube Channel

I do fandubs and some mino AMVs. Please visit~!

Friendster Account

I’m C.C. ♥♥♥

Anyway , in other forums , I’m always Spring_sakura111. ^^ Except for Otakuzine forums. >.<



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  1. Howdy there!!!

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to find another Mobile Suit Gundam 00 fan!! I love Tierra too!!!! Ohhh happy day!!! I just have a quick quick question though. Do you know any good sites that have official art from this anime series? Or any pictures drawn from Yun Kouga, the character designer for Gundam 00? I found one site that has pics so I send you the link to look too. I like one they have of Tierra that Yun Kouga drew. I wish to find more like that. Any ideas? Anyways, thank you so much for having an awesome site, Merry Christmas and have a great New Yeah!!! Thank you.

  2. thanks for making this site your my hero

  3. Hi again.. If you can remember, I asked you last time about that “Paya Paya” track from the Rosario + Vampire OST.. Just found it on their latest release at nipponsei.. Have a nice day!

  4. Oh, I see~! Thanks for telling me that! I’ll DL it later!

  5. just want to share this video of toradora’s dvd special, subbed by shamisen :D

  6. Thanks for sharing. :3

  7. hi its me if leloch loves sherly why cant he just kill himself so he can be with her forever………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  8. Why isn’t there any thing about manga here? Cause I like manga….My mother got pissed off cause I was using her computer to “play” the internet…..Sorry…

  9. XD It’s fine. By the way , I rarely read mangas. The only ones I’m following are Negima , Highschool of the Dead …Well, that’s it. The others…not so much. Sorry to disappoint you.

  10. Hehe~ I wish I could talk to you more often. xD;

  11. can you finx the ga-rei zero music? cuz most of the links are broken i mentioned the ones over there
    thanks :D

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