Message: A short note from ME!!


First , I’d like to apologize. Ever since Gundam 00 ended , my blog started to die. And I’m really sad that I couldn’t even update it daily..NOT EVEN A SINGLE POST per day. This is why I don’t like gaming…once I’ve started gaming again , it cuts my time in half…and my blog has to be sacrificed.

Second , I still want to say thanks to those who keep commenting/viewing and linking my blog. Thank you so so so much. I really do appreciate it and no way in hell I would ignore your questions and stuff.

Lastly , I’ll try…ONCE MORE , to keep this blog alive. My literacy may have faded…( because of the stupid philippine server I’m playing on..I rarely find english speakers there. )  but I’ll do my best to make my articles as entertaining as how Mio kills you slowly with her moeness.

On a side note , the number of animes that I regularly observe has decreased dramatically. I’m terribly sorry for myself and for my blog will…YOU KNOW. ( You know , right? )

Whew. Downloadable stuffs shall be cut off…I guess.


Your truly,




The troll combo has ended and we warmly welcome the NEW EPISODE OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA!!!! It’s just like the novel but err…it’s a bit faster, OF COURSE. ANYWAYS, OMG! OMG! HARUHI!!! I JUST DIED! OMG!! MOE MOE MOE OMG!!!! OMG!!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MIO!?!?!?!OMG!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MIO!! Let’s ALL DIE NOW!!

Haruhi-chan: Continues


Sorry. The Haruhi-chan series still continues. I made a mistake. That was just my assumption that when they are gonna release the DVDs , it’s over. Sorry. >.<

Episode 21 and 22 have been released at Kadokawa’s channel already. Enjoy.

K-ON: Don’t say “Lazy” FULL Download!


Awesome song. Nice MIO. Report broken links. It’s like 1 AM here and I’m gonna be scolded by my mom. No time for dilly dallying. ENJOY! MIO==========ISSSSSSS+++ MINEEEEEEE!!!

Sakurakou K-ON Bu – Don’t say “Lazy”.rar

K-On: Cagayake GIRLS Full Download!


Here it is. Totally sorry for download delays. BTW ,  Mio is mine.

Sakurakou K-ON bu – Cagayake GIRLS Album.rar

Haruhi-chan : OVER!?


Haruhi-chan is over. So , sad…*sniff* *sniff*

It had 20 episodes in total. It was pretty entertaining.

To make this post a sentence longer , they are going to release the DVDs for Haruhi-chan.

Haruhi Suzumiya : A Troll to remember [ Troll UPDATE ]


The Haruhi troll thing died for a while, hasn’t it? Well , I’m not surprised since it’s really just a re-run and even though there are still speculations that the 2nd season will air right after, people are starting to lose hope.

Kadokawa has recently been posting FULL episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 1. Credits are still the same, nothing changed. See the opening? It’s 2006.

But it has been reported that the airing will have more than 14 episodes ( 28 episodes in total ) . 2 possible things: Kyon order and Haruhi order. ( OH THE TROLL POWAA )  OR Kyon order THEN SEASON 2 PEOPLES!!

Currently , Kadokawa’s channel has just uploaded episode 03 , broadcasting it in Kyon’s order. We’ll just have to wait until 11 episodes are uploaded. After that , we’ll see what’s really beyond THE LAST EPISODE! Will it be ” Haruhi Order” or “Season 2”?