Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 15 Victory Song of Resistance

Marina Ismail gets plus points for comforting Setsuna AND for smiling ( 5 times! I counted ). She has also revealed that she wants to be like Lacus Clyne and thought that her princess career isn’t right for her.


I found this episode prefectly executed with balanced scenes and more character developements. You get to see Marina smile and Tieria’s human care. I’m sure Marina fans are very happy that she ACTUALLY DID something that contributed greatly in the gundam 00 series. I think I’m exagerrating to much. Maybe it’s because Marina does not do anything and when she does something , it’s a BIG DEAL. It’s just like how a person does not move over 100 days. Then it lifts a finger , EVERYONE WILL BE AMAZED!!

Anyways , Setsuna also shows an emotion aside from the ” Ore wa Gundam da” mode. Yay for you!

We don’t get to see GN-Archer again. When Soma asked permission to dock the GN Archer , I was excited and very happy to know that Marie would be the one who’ll pilot it. But no , thanks to the Coup D ‘etat , A-laws had to retreat and take action , leaving the chance of fully eliminating Celestial Being’s main forces. The timing was perfect. But the Empress Unit is really scary…They immobilize a unit…with ease . They need a counter for that. Trans-Am, perhaps?


It’s surprising how Tieria put a blanket over the Twin Drill desu girl and saying thanks. Then she said “You can’t fall in-love with me.” I don’t mind if these two becomes a couple , what’s up with the weird coupling?

The episode ends where , AGAIN , Trans-Graham managed to ruin Setsuna’s day by showing off his new Unit , Masurao + Trans-am.

Can’t wait for the next episode. I love how Mister Bushido talks about fighting passionately.