Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 17 Within the Scattered Light

Last episode was slightly boring at times but this episode made my Mecha day. To me , this is the BEST EPISODE of the entire Gundam 00 series. ( so far. )


I’ll make this quick since it’s waay past my bedtime. What gave me the impression of this being the best episode so far was it’s fluid animation ( Falling debris , massive army movement , Orbital Elevator’s Auto-purge system , etc. ) and character developments in such a short time. We get to see Saji Crossroad in action again. I’m telling you , the part where Saji says “Saji Crossroad, 0-Raiser! Hashinshimasu!” was like the joke of the year. I laughed so hard. Every moment. Every second. It was so full of adrenaline. It all started when 00 Gundam tried to stop Memento Mori but no , it wasn’t enough.

What I liked about this episode was how everyone helped each other in the middle of the battle. That’s how the soldiers should act in the first place. Putting the citizen’s safety first.

I’m glad that FINALLY , after 5 episodes , we get to see GN-Archer in action. And Hell yeah , it’s my Favorite Soma..I mean , Marie Parfacy who piloted it. I thought it was supposed to be attached into Arios’ body?


Andrei really pisses me off. It’s people like him that makes the world run down in turmoil. His father says “Wait!” then Andrei moves on and kills his own father. I’d call that stupidity. He doesn’t have the right to be a soldier, I swear. He doesn’t know how painful the decision Smirnov made for his wife , Holly. That dumbass pisses off. He’s like the new Moronic character of Gundam 00. He took Saji’s crown.

Perfect Episode. Well done, Sunrise.

Marina is still had the award of MOST ANNOYING character in Gundam 00. In this episode, she gets to say one line. “If only our song can be heard..” Oh , put a sock in it, Marina. Seriously , everything about you annoys the hell out of me. You’re existence is to annoy people without even trying. It’s your job. It’s your sole purpose. I’m gonna screw sunrise if she ends up being an Innovator.