Durarara!!: Last episode Review + General Review of the Whole series

    After watching the last episode of Durarara, I had a blank expression on my face. It ended as if nothing happened. It was really nothing special. Nobody died, no shocking revelation, Ryuugamine didn’t do anything at all and in-terms of character growth, most of them didn’t improve at all. Some characters were oddly flat.That’s what you normally get when there are a lot of characters.The plot focused more on how they were connected which is one of the reasons why I watched the show in the first place.

    I have to admit. There were dull moments and they couldn’t keep the
    excitement that was built up on some of the episodes. But they put a lot of cliff hangers which pretty much made us look forward to the next

    It was a happy ending. A very plain one at that. Kida, Ryuugamine and
    Anri are reunited and Ikebukuro remains the same. I’m hoping for a season 2 or an OVA or maybe even a movie. Because, I really can’t accept such a dull ending. The series had potential to be a great one but too bad it didn’t. Looking back now, I guess I’ll rate Durarara as “Above Average”. Still worth watching but not worth watching again. That’s just me though.

    There are things you wouldn’t get with just one view of Durarara. It’s just like a game. You don’t unlock everything with just one play through.I know I didn’t get the whole picture of the anime but I’m satisfied with what I got already.

    Thanks Durarara! Without you, there wouldn’t be “Colorless”.


    Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 20 Anew Returner

    Why do I start to like characters when they are just about to die? I don’t understand.

    This week’s episode had GREAT drama. GREAT action. GREAT Haro. and FUCKING FAIL MARINA.


    Anew is really pretty in the “Floating Nude” world. I kinda liked her attitude when she finally awoken as an innovator. But too bad , she died. I know Anew wanted to come to Lyle’s side , but due to couch potato, Ribbons Almark , she couldn’t go against the innovators.

    We all saw what Innovators are capable of. Besides mental telepathy , they have superior intelligence  and be able to control machines better than humans. That’s true but as Lyle said , they don’t seem THAT omnipotent. Trans-am ruins the Innovator’s tactics and their trump card is Louise Halevy , who became an Innovator just recently. ( SHOCKING!?!? )
    I cried so much. As in , the same amount of tears after I watch a Clannad episode. Lyle really loved Anew and she just had to die.I started crying when the music came in..and I swear , it’s hard for me to watch this episode again. Especially in the last part. This is probably the first time I cried soo hard watching Gundam 00. I guess, I was attached.

    Oh yeah , Soma is one of the best female characters in Gundam 00. ( Okay , SHE’S the best. ) Despite having less screen time , she manages to show off how strong her character is when she gets a chance. Soma is my favorite character.

    Speaking of female leads, we have one that doesn’t LOOK like one. Doesn’t ACT like one.and doesn’t SEEM like one. Let’s review her character chart, shall we?





    Reason: She appeared.

    This could only be me , but she ruined the mood with her TOMORROW song , comforting the kids and stuff.

    Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 18 The Crossing of Thoughts + Shipping battle!

    Before I start my weekly ramblings on the current Gundam 00 Episode . I just wanna say…..




    Well, anyway , isn’t this episode full of epic-ness? Hmmm? Everything has once again developed into a higher level. Episode 18 was the start of the 2 month time skip after the “TAIISAAA” incident. We’re still sad about that and I’m sure PAPA BEAR fans are grieving as well. They’re probably gritting their teeths over the newly promoted Andrei because of two reasons:

    1. He killed papa bear.

    2. He hugged Loiuse. ( Maybe some would find this cute but Saji would o-raiser Andrei’s ass. )

    But the Anew X Lockon faction won’t back down. Oh no. During the two month time-skip , Anew and Lyle had made Ptolemy their love space. They’re even close enough to sleep on the same bed already. Anew has + points but at first she wasn’t all that appealing. Oh, right. How ironic. Anew has been suspecting Lyle as a spy before but now she’s like this living transmitter that traces the location of Celestial Being directly to the Innovators.


    On the other side of Ptolemy , Ale X Marie are having problems. Soma has reawakend due to her traumatic encounter at the previous episode. Am I sensing some Hale X Soma? That’s interesting.

    It’s funny how Ribbons is portrayed as the man who elegantly sits down at the couch , doing the same thing in almost EVERY episode. Oh well, it suits him. Ha-ha-ha! But they’ll pay for their conceitedness. Miss Wang Liu Mei and Regene Regetta have decided to leak information about Veda’s coordinates. Woohoo! The web is more entangled than EVAH!

    And the last scene was full of LOL:

    This scene reveals which thing or person they all treasure the most:

    Louise: Saji
    Saji: Loiuse
    Andrei: Oka-san
    Soma: Taisa
    Lockon: Anew ( D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww )
    Setsuna: Gundam ( WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH )

    Here’s the video: