OH YES!/OH NO!?! : K-on Style

This is a new section to my blog. The Oh Yes! and Oh No! section. You’ll get it once you’ve seen it.












Lol. Higurashi..maybe…


OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: Persona 4 parody


No no no!!

Note: Persona 3 parody.


More like OH LOL.






Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 25 Revival [ FINALE ]

I actually don’t know where to start.The only negative thing I could say was Marina’s dialogue while Exia and 0 Gundam were having the final showdown. I mean , really? Seriously? Ugh.. I didn’t even shed a tear. There is a movie so I have no reason to cry…but, am I the only one who thinks Marina shouldn’t be given ANYTHING at the last part? Oh, forget her! Let’s do some review PEOPLE!


The fighting scenes were spectacular! At first I was like , “Ewww, Ribbon’s suit looks ugly and uncool.” but then he transformed into a Gundam and I fell in love with it. It was unexpected to me that both parties would use their old units for the final showdown. It was unpredictable , indeed.

Sorry to all Mister Bushido fans. He didn’t make much of an impact this season as well. same goes for his Masurao. What a waste. It was clearly obvious that Setsuna had the upper hand since he has orginal GN Drives and he’s a pure bred innovator so yeah , he won…Hurray?

The ending was simple. Celestial Being is STILL Celestial Being. Kati and Patrick ( I thought he died? Oh yeah , he’s freakin’ immortal. ) are married. Santa Klaus and Shirin managed to get a position in the government. Errr..Lockon is still Lockon. Ale and Soma are going to…a castle? O.O Tieria is god-like. He can fly naked anywhere he wants as long as VEDA is linked to that specific person or location.

DID anyone notice any innovators at the ending? I find it awfully weird to see colorful hairs within a crowd of brown and black hair.


Bring Stabity?


Ribbons Almark?


Anew Returner?

Are these innovator-like people linked to the movie? Who will be the new cast of Gundam 00? New enemies? New units? New story? New Marina HATE!??! MOAR HATE!!!!


Yes, Billy and Graham. I understand perfectly well of how you feel. Marina became succesful. I was right. She WILL appear to be so awesome at the last part where on the WHOLE SEASON ( Season 1 + 2 ) , her character growth didn’t move or rather , degraded all female Gundam leads’ reputation.  OH look! She has the power to lead a country now. She sang her way to Azadistan. How FABULOUS. All rainbowy and cotton candy~ She was useless and couldn’t do anything by herself, and now she rebuilds a country! Marina fans are gonna be so happy!

To be honest , I am not contented with the ending. It’s good there is a movie because I want Marina dead. This is complete hatred people. To hell with Marina.

Hmmm…did I forget anyone? Hmm…okay, no one. BYE!!

Let’s say goodbye to Gundam and Hello, Full metal Alchemist and Haruhi Suzumiya!!

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 19 Shadow of the Innovators + Marina Statistics

Too bad for this episode. We don’t get to see Marina die.  Instead , we unluckily receive more annoying scenes from the Moronic Marina.

Shirin offers her a gun. She rejects and comments on how she cannot look at the children directly in the eyes if she wields a gun. I wouldn’t want to go in-depth on how ridiculous her statement is since if I did , this review will just be full of Marina hate. ( I’m stating facts here. I’m not making up things. )


This episode was full of action. Although the “MARINA LIVES” scene was an extremely solid disappointment , I tried to look at the LOL factors that scattered throughout this episode.



This is  a Big LOL factor. I know they meant serious but I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Setsuna X Saji floating naked while screaming “YAMERRRRROOOOOOOO!”

There is also the “Healing Care is Setsuna with Green Hair scene.”


OMG! That’s Setsuna!

Now , back to a more serious matter. Andrei is still an ass and suspected that Soma’s sudden death was another act of unloyalty to the army. Soma , who hated being called Marie , has become this revenge-freak. It’s a good thing Alellujah still keeps an eye on her. Lockon still loves Anew even though he knows she’s an innovator. ( I think he pretty much understands who she is. ) Tieria doesn’t hesitate in killing his fellow innovatah and Saji has started to develope his character again. He decides to fight. To bring Loiuse back. Now that Loiuse has began to lose hatred towards Saji , I think from now on , it will be much easier to bring the sweet Loiuse back.

Nena kills Wang out of revenge. Ribbons repremanded Regene again and got busted. The paper with Veda’s coordinates died along with Wang. That was the key to defeating those concieted super humans but Oh no , Nena just HAD to execute her Revenge plan on that very day.

I wonder what will happen on the next episode. Anew is being mind-controlled…or something.

Here’s a an interesting statistical chart.


There are two rising points:

One is where she sang and annoyed the hell out of people.

And the second one is where she helped and smiled and stuff with Setsuna.

The lowest score she got was the latest. Instead of improving on her character , she dropped below zero and got a negative grade due to her unreasonable actions and sayings at Episode 19.

Various Anime + Anime Life: Plamo/PVC collection Coverage.

I’m done with Lockon Stratos’ Cherudim. I’ve taken Web cam AND Digi-Cam pictures. ( I’m not a very good photographer. ) Most of the Gundams are with my dad in Manila. All I have here are the ones I have assembled here in Bicol.

A good view of Haruhi and Cherudim’s date.

A blurred picture of Haruhi , Cherudim and Mikuru.

How sweet~ I feel jealous.. T_T

Awesome view of Cherudim’s rifle. ( SARCASM ATTACK! )

Oh, I just love Cherudim here. I got a nice shot.

This is a blurry picture of what the top of my cabinet looks like.
Flowery Otaku-ish with Mecha mecha madness!

Now for the Digi-cam pictures! ( less comedy, More seriousness. Still , Blurry though. )


You could see the Fragile Flag in the background. At the side , you could see Cherudim’s shields in a barrier formation. At the top side , you’ll see Asakura’s legs peeking. ( Lol. )

More Cherudim:


SEE THE SHIELDS!!! So awesome!! :3 ( The quality of the picture destroys it lol. )



If you haven’t noticed it yet , you could see Exia carrying Asakura. LOL. Behind the PVCs , you can also see a Nogizaka-nyan bookmark from OTAKUZINE!


Aww~ Moe~~ Mikuru-tan is soo kawaii~~ [ Stupid me with low quality pictures. ]

A clearer vision on Exia carrying Asakura. [ Skirtless asakura..AFUFUFUFU~!! ] :3 With..a gundam 00 pamphlet beside them.


( Whole picture. It’s quite messy…>.< )

There you have it~! Once I build Lancelot Conquista, I’m going to make sure I post them!! Bye bye~!!

Videos : Japanese Guy records himself drunk while playing Super Mario. Pure Win.

I’ve learned three things in this video.

1. Engrish is awesome.

2. Drunk Japanese people makes Engrish more awesome.

3. Super Mario being played by a drunk Japanese person makes Engrish the awesomemest.

( And Engrish is very contagious. Be very aware. )

Anime Life : Catholic School Teachers are Funny as hell.


I know nobody is perfect and all, but if they wanna go around saying that saying bad words are wrong or scold students because of disrespect , oh please. I mean , they always say bad words. In front of us. Right in front of our faces. Actually , I would understand them if they actually said those things. What I don’t understand is that they forbid students to say bad words ( Doy. It’s written in the handbook as one of the offenses ) and yet they say it. LOUD AND CLEAR.

About a week ago , my teacher was so angry at my schoolmate for disrespecting the rules, ( Almost everyday actually. ) The teacher pointed her finger at the student and said “You’re a shit!” Well , it was really funny but if the board of education hears this , it’s not gonna be funny anymore.

A while ago , my Computer teacher got pissed off with my classmate since he doesn’t have a pen . My teacher said “Where is your brain located? IN YOUR ASS!” I laughed again. I mean , these teachers watch waaay to much American movies.

I was a student of the worst class last year which was nicknamed as the “DEMONIC” Class. ( Our class is named after St. Dominic. ) Our very holy math teacher screamed at us like a witch “MGA HAYOP KAYO!!! ” She once ripped the project of my classmate in front of us, which was really really wrong no matter what the kid did to you.

Nowadays , my classmates and I find our teacher’s misery as a source of entertainment. It’s better to laugh at them than to be mad at them, right? It’s their fault they’re like that. They keep on blaming us how tiring their life is. Well , wake up. You’re a teacher. Being a teacher takes dedication.If you keep blaming things on others , you’ll never grow.

That’s the lesson you derive from stupid teachers. Very helpful indeed.

Anime Life: Funny Thing Happened When I downloaded Gundam 00


I saw that Gundam 00 episode 14 has been subbed and uploaded. It’s new alright. And all I thought was “The new opening! THE NEW OPENING!!?” So , I downloaded it…

Then…it finished.

Played the video.


Damn it. It’s in English. This is season one’s episode 14 NOT season 2. Oh well. It was a good LOL.