K-ON : Azu-nyan as Mio’s Rival in Moe Moe Kyun Battle!


I was wondering why Mio isn’t the “Pigtailed Tsundere girl”. I mean , EVERY MOE ANIME HAS TO HAVE A TSURE-PIGTAIL!

So, the answer came in on episode 09 , where Azu-nyan officially enters the K-On gang. Mio carries 99% of the moe substance of K-on BUT LOOK , a younger , pig-tailed , slightly tsundere came in to the story and competes with MIO’S MOE MADNESS.

It was unexpected to me. ( since I don’t have any background on the Novel’s plot )

So, we have Senpai Tsundere and Kohai Tsundere. Well, this will be fun. Of course, fanart is just starting to grow for Azu-nyan. I doubt she could compete in Mio’s popularity. But still, you never know. Sawako sensei has been applying Moe armor on her lately. AND THAT’S JUST HER FIRST ( Official )APPEARANCE ON THAT EPISODE AND SHE BOMBARDED US WITH MOE EQUIPMENT AND GENSTURES.

You decided, my fellow otakus!!!


Suzumiya Haruhi : Late Season 2 and even MORE late Haruhi-chan

KyoAni and now the Ga-rei staff, too? Give us Haruhists a break and be serious already!


We’ll probably won’t see long-haired Haruhi this year and the same goes for the parody anime called ” Haruhi-chan” or “Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu . The Ga-rei staff said in a radio show , which is located here , that they haven’t even started it yet. I listened to the clip and they were all laughing. It’s around 40:00 if you want to hear them.

The said anime will air on Kadokawa’s Youtube channel as web anime shorts. Tsuruya’s “Nyoron Churuya ” super deformed parody manga will also air on the same channel. Maybe we’ll be expecting this anime by the end of the year or…are they just trolling again..?

And to cheer you guys up, I’ll give you this: