Final Fantasy : Final Fantasy 14 – WHEN WILL THE FANTASY END!?

So, it’s that time again , E3. Lotsa game trailers and announcements and one of them is the new Final Fantasy game.

As you can see in the trailer , the male lead doesn’t have the GIRLY face some gamers usually complain about. The guy is tough and sexaaaayyy.

The game could be played online and is available for both PC and PS3. ( Yay me. ) Nothing is much known about what battle system it has , characters , when it’s gonna come out etc. We’ll just have to wait. I’m assuming that this game will be P2P so , BOOHOOO!



K-ON : Azu-nyan as Mio’s Rival in Moe Moe Kyun Battle!


I was wondering why Mio isn’t the “Pigtailed Tsundere girl”. I mean , EVERY MOE ANIME HAS TO HAVE A TSURE-PIGTAIL!

So, the answer came in on episode 09 , where Azu-nyan officially enters the K-On gang. Mio carries 99% of the moe substance of K-on BUT LOOK , a younger , pig-tailed , slightly tsundere came in to the story and competes with MIO’S MOE MADNESS.

It was unexpected to me. ( since I don’t have any background on the Novel’s plot )

So, we have Senpai Tsundere and Kohai Tsundere. Well, this will be fun. Of course, fanart is just starting to grow for Azu-nyan. I doubt she could compete in Mio’s popularity. But still, you never know. Sawako sensei has been applying Moe armor on her lately. AND THAT’S JUST HER FIRST ( Official )APPEARANCE ON THAT EPISODE AND SHE BOMBARDED US WITH MOE EQUIPMENT AND GENSTURES.

You decided, my fellow otakus!!!

Haruhi-chan: Continues


Sorry. The Haruhi-chan series still continues. I made a mistake. That was just my assumption that when they are gonna release the DVDs , it’s over. Sorry. >.<

Episode 21 and 22 have been released at Kadokawa’s channel already. Enjoy.

Haruhi-chan : OVER!?


Haruhi-chan is over. So , sad…*sniff* *sniff*

It had 20 episodes in total. It was pretty entertaining.

To make this post a sentence longer , they are going to release the DVDs for Haruhi-chan.

Announcement : I Am a Gundam is Over…Season 2 ENTERS!


Gundam is Over, so, I am A Gundam is over. But just like other Anime shows , they have either a MOVIE, or a new season. And guess what? This blog has a season 2. More News. New Anime Reviews. More Moe and ecchiness. I won’t guarantee that there are more downloads…

Well , Let’s just say, I’ll be using a new Host. I won’t be using Rapidshare anymore since it has been causing problems to my files and to the downloaders as well. So , from now on , I’ll be using Easy-Share. <3


News : Animax Makes T.V. History, Tears to Tiara and New Full Metal Anime premiere!



Animax has announced that the RPG-based Anime, Tears to Tiara , will be airing at the same time as Japan at all asia-based Animax stations. Yes, people. WE FINALLY GET TO BE IN EQUAL WITH THE JAPANESE people. ( well , just on Tears to Tiara. ) Animax is finally excelling. Whew. I was worried there for a second. I thought Animax was starting to suck. Anyway , here are the details:

Animax Asia in historical broadcast deal to offer world’s first same-time simulcast of an anime TV series with Tears to Tiara, premiering 06 Apr 09, airing Mondays 12.35am (SEA/PH/HK/TW) on Animax, simultaneous to the series’ 1.35am (Tokyo) debut in Japan

2009’s most-anticipated blockbuster anime series Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – to debut on Animax Asia in a same-week broadcast deal, premiering 10 Apr 09, airing Fridays 8.30pm (SEA/PH/TW/SA), with each new episode airing within six days of its premiere in Japan

At least we don’t have to wait for SUBS or RAWs and stuff. If you wanna read more , go to the Animax Website.

News : 3rd Annual Seiyuu Award Winners!


Some deserved it and the others , we might think of someone else who REALLY deserves the award. I’m quite surprised Yui Horie wasn’t included in any of the categories but let’s just wait since this is just the partial list. The completed list will be revealed by NewType on Monday.

Best Lead Actor Award :


Hiroshi Kamiya [ Tieria Erde from Gundam 00 ]

Quite surprising actually. Didn’t expect him to get this award. Oh well , he’s quite talented. I mean , he can do a girl’s voice! A refined woman’s voice to be specific. I’m not sure if it’s really him when Tieria disguised as a girl on Gundam 00 S2 but if you have listened to the drama CD of Gundam 00 , he can produce a very convincing shoujo voice. Congrats , Kamiya-san.

Other Roles : Paul Ferman ( Earl and Fairy )

Takashi Natsume ( Zoku Natsume Yujin-cho )

Nozomu Itoshiki ( Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei )

Best Lead Actress Award:


Rei Kugumiya [ Aisaka Taiga from Toradora! ]

I’m not surprised. She can be a Tsundere or an emo-imouto vampire. She deserves it. But she has always been called out to have a Tsurepettan role. Nevertheless , she hasn’t been type-casted. Thank God. ( Well  , her voice and tone is very distinct. Once you hear it , you know her name..without googling it lol. )

Other Roles : Yuuki Cross ( Vampire Knight )

Shana ( Shakugan No Shana )

Nagi Sanzenin ( Hayate The Combat Butler!! )

Nena Trinity ( Gundam 00 )

Best Supporting Actor Awards


Kazuhiko Inoue [ Hatake Kakashi from Naruto! ]

Err…I can’t tell if he deserves it or not but if I based this on his Hatake Kakashi role , it’s okay…I’m just saying that , I think someone else deserves this award. Still , Congrats.

Other Roles : Guenter von Christ ( Kyou Kara Maoh! )


Tomokazu Sugita [ (What’s his name again? ) Alchemist Guy from To Aru Majutsu no Index ]

He’s a good VA and I think he deserves this award. His role differs all the time and that’s what I like about him.

Other Roles : Kyon ( Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu )

Leon Mishimi ( Macross Frontier )

Sakata Gintoki ( Gintama )

Best Supporting Actress Awards


Aya Endo [ Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star ]

She deserves it. :3

Other Roles : Kannagi Itsuki ( Sora Kake Girl )

Sheryl Nome ( Macross Frontier )

Vanilla Make Repairs ( Kemeko Deluxe )


Miyuki Sawashiro [ Tsugumi Aoba from Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maidens ]

I know this isn’t just me but I am so so so in-love with her voice. She sounds so sweet and could play a different type of Tsundere. She totally deserves this!

Other roles : Dorm Leader-Sensei ( Maria Holic )

Best New Actor Award


Nobuhiko Akumoto [ Karasuma Yoichi from Asu no Yoichi ]

I’d say he’s a combination of Takahiro Sakurai and Souichiro Hoshi but I guess that’s just me. I thought he was either of the two at first. But when I further researched on who this guy was , he was a newcomer Seiyuu. He has voiced 11 leads so far.

Other Roles : Accelerator ( To Aru Majutsu no Index )

Gigolo ( Akikan! )

Layfon Alseif ( Chrome Shelled Regios )


Yuuki Kaji [ Finny from Kuroshitsuji ]

Err…okay? Voiced 2 main roles so far.

Other roles : Akina Hiizumi ( Yozakura Quartet )

Best New Actress Award


Kana Asumi [ Yukari Sahashi from Sekirei ]

I haven’t watch any animes that involves her so I can’t tell.

Other Roles : Kiyal ( Guren Lagann )

Ran ( Shugo Chara )


Haruka Tomatsu [ Nagi from Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maidens ]

AS EXPECTED! WORSHIP HER! She has voiced a wide range of roles from being a Genki Alien from outer space to a tsundere petanko goddess. Her voice is easily distinguished from the rest.Her name is easily remmebered too.

Other Roles : Mileina Vashti ( Gundam 00 Season 2 )

Lala Satalin Deviluke ( To Love-ru )

Ayame Ikaruga ( Asu no Yoichi )

Is it just me? or majority of Haruka Tomatsu’s roles are petankos ( Flat-chested )? Except for Lala though.

I’ll give the rest on Monday ( If ever I find the complete list. ) I think I won’t go into detail on the update. I’ll make it brief since it’s probably a really long article. Oh right , I BET you guys were looking for Hirano Aya , Mamoru Miyano , Yui Horie , Mai Nakahara , Mamiko Noto etc. I was looking for them too. Where are they? It’s okay for Hirano Aya since she already won an award last year. But I don’t know about the others.

It’s 2 AM and I have to sleep. Sorry if I didn’t get to flood this blog with random posts. This is all I can give you ..for now…


Note: My dog just gave I’m REEAAAAAAAALLLY busy! :3 Love ya’ll!