Tayutama : Late Anime Review


I know it’s a little late for this..but I just had to do it.

Tayutama lies between Nagi Kannagi, Chizuru Kanokon and those typical Harem anime.It’s not bad at all. In fact , I’m quite impressed on how it stayed loyal to the ero-game character designs. Unlike some animes ( *cough* Akikan *cough* )

So, we have a cliched story on where a girl is forced to live with a guy and become his partner for life. We’ve seen this genre/plot countless of times with varying character types , ways of meeting and reason for being stuck with each other. It could be arranged mairrage , destiny , the girl or boy was forced to be in “that” situation , etcetera etcetera. You know the drill. In this case , the guy is a decedant of some other guy who helped saved the world from evil hundreds of years ago. He’s also skilled and not some typical Baka-ero shounen. Still , the dialogue “It’s not what you think!” or “You misunderstood!!” is inevitable to say on a Harem anime by Yuuri.

Now, about the Female lead. We have a not-so innocent Goddess. Her personality cross-breeds between an innocent ojou-sama type and a sly fox. Which is , quite new to me , making me interested to watch this anime more.

Of course , the blonde iinchou-type is there. Imouto-type. Childhood friend type. What else…Oh..the black haired one with red eyes…I don’t know what’s her type but can I take a guess? The silent type? Well, let’s see.

This is a keeper for me. Even though WE ALL KNOW which route this anime is gonna take. Wait..I think we don’t know. Everyone thought Juinichi would end up with Yuuhi..So , no rash judgements first.

Note: Blonde girl is mine. MINE. Mio is also mine.


Full Metal Alchemist Remake : For the best or for the worst?


When I watched the first episode , I didn’t bother to make a review since I know this would be awesome. But as I continued , I was slowly having doubts. More like , I’m starting to prefer the original.

The thing is , humor and comedy is rich in EVERY moment. I’m basing this comment on episode three. The goofy scenes are funny, I’ll tell you that but sometimes they appear in situations which makes them inappropriate to watch or it ruins the whole cool effect or moment. This is just episode three and I hope they tone down the humor on this one. Of course , Ed’s frequent outbursts because of people picking on his height is inevitable in every episode.


Remake v.s. Original

Ed looks much cooler on the original. On the remake , he does has his moments too. <3

What I like about the remake is the pace. I know they are making it more faster since they’ll follow the flow of the manga more compared to the first one. The original took two episodes for Father Cornello’s story to finish but in the remake it took only one.

YUI was an unexpected choice but still very good for the opening. Ending song is very cute. <3


Shangri-La : First Episode Review


Shangri-La is not your typical anime but that doesn’t mean it’s good.I found it fairly entertaining with nothing funny to laugh at or be shocked about. In fact , I may not even watch the next episode. This is a drop to me. The art wasn’t appealing, animation was quite good , characters are “Bleeh” except for the white-haired loli princess and the pig-tailed sly loli.

The story is unique but I’m not interested in carbon markets , boomerang wielding girl , gonzo , Carbon laws , Carbon Police or any of that sort. I guess I’m not in the mood for a realistic/Futuristic setting.

But what entertained me was Index’s seiyuu. I don’t need to look and see if it’s really her. I KNOW it’s her.

So , Shangri-La is not on my list. Buh-Bye. :3

Pandora Hearts : Uhh..Okay?


This anime is pretty average to me. Nothing big, judging from the first episode. It’s pace is rather slow and it was quite similar to the Anime Kuroshitsuji. VERY similar. I like the male lead though. He seems to be the rebellious type , the exact opposite of Ciel who was always working and never laughed. ( Well , they are different. Ciel’s parents were murdered blah blah blah. )

I was talking about the pace earlier, right? Look, most FIRST episodes have the main theme introduced already. But in here, Oz’s partner hasn’t been introduced yet. They kinda just showed the lighter side of the picture. Comedy here. Comedy there. In terms of standard pace speed , the first episode is like HALF of episode one. But I guess their style is different. Oh well..

And what a surprise , this anime has this creepy factor. Oh sure, talking teddy bears and dolls are scary ( Actually, they are. ) but the girl with black hair really creeped me out. SERIOUSLY.

I’m still curious enough to watch this. Opening is boring but the art is beautiful. ( Cute guys FTW! ) Ending is..boring as well.( It’s boring because I kept on repeating FMA: Brotherhood Opening..It was so awesome.EPIC WIN! YUI!! )

Opinions and new info are always welcome here in IAAG. Feel free to share.

Queen’s Blade : First Impression – WTF!?


Oh my , for a first episode , it was surprisingly boring. This anime is like every Hentai combined but it’s boring. I mean , I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted it to be over.

This is where I agree with the other reviews , It’s not very good. The art is very appealing and you could expect that the majority ff the viewers are males. But I’ll still continue to watch this for further analysis. Maybe it’ll pick up on the next episode.

What time is this show airing in Japan? Because this is totally whack , uncensored and Hentai without the sex. I mean , Milk Acid squirting out of an Usa-mimi girl’s nipples as an attack is …is…I can’t even think of an adjective.

I’m predicting something here..*Humm* Humm….In every episode , some girl is gonna get stripped off of her clothes during battle. DUH. That’s a given. Queen’s Blade is full of Fanservice that maybe, JUST MAYBE , people will get sick of fanservice. I mean , the beauty of Fanservice is not over using them. Well, I’m a girl.So , I wouldn’t know how you guys see this as. I would be happy to hear your opinions about this. But at Sankaku Complex , I guess they’re all happy. Then again , most people who visit that site are 2D ecchi otakus who rejoice everytime they see a nipple on Cable TV anime.

Oh well , Let’s just see.

K-on: “Right on!” or “Way off”?


Let’s face it. K-on is not for everyone. It’s solely for moe purposes and with that said , the American otakus would find this a fail-cliched anime. If you have seen the review for K-on in Animenewstwork.com , majority of the writers gave them a below average score.

Yes, it’s cliche. We have a kawaii Baka girl , A super genki one , a..”marimite” type ( You know , those polite ones. ) and a Tsundere girl. And look , those four characters are coincidentally the same as those from Lucky Star.

It’s fairly funny and entertaining. But I would not reccomend this if you’re looking for some heavy highschool drama or something. Skip this out. Fans of Haruhi, Lucky Star and Clannad might appreciate this sort of thing.

Oh and by the way , I could totally see which character in K-on would get the highest grade in the popularity division. Can anyone guess who it is..?

The Tsundere always wins. I’ve observed that many Mio fanarts exist in the internet realm. Second will be Tsukasa-ish Yui. To be honest , Mio is my favorite character. She kind of resembles Kyou Fujibayashi from Clannad. <3 I Wuv her~


Are ya gonna watch this?

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 24 Beyond

Another epicly planned episode. ( Yes , looks like Marina is YET to show us something. Oh wait , there’s only one episode left? Oh goodie!? Will MARINA EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER DO SOMETHING!?!?! ) Everything. WAS. GREAT!April 5th is the next airing of the last episode. Can’t wait for the ending.


So the Anti-CockyRibbons faction ( which consists of Tieria and Regena ) has won this round. Who knew they could actually LINK or BECOME Veda. So , it’s not Tieria X Feldt nor Tieria X Lockon. It became Tieria X Veda instead , as predicted by the Ending Sequence.

Whew. I thought they were all gonna die for a second there. But of course, there’s always a BIG SURPRISE! Like , you thought Bankai was the last form , BUT BOOM! Ichigo almost died and he became a Hollow. Or you thought Sailormoon just had one form but she had another form when everyone was just about to die and lose hope. HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT?! Trans-Am BURST MODE!? WTF!? IT’S CLICHE BUT SO EPIC!?

Saji X Louise story …uhh…yeah, they’re together now. Their story is over , thank God. It’s funny how Saji was happy to see his kawaii Kanojo and then she suddenly strangles him to death and faints afterwards. Oh, LAWL.


AND I’m so happy Soma didn’t die. I was all nervous and thinking that Marina should die instead. But Soma’s story is settled now.

Sumeragi’s story is done. Lockon’s revenge is done as well. Almost 80% of the cast had finished their  issues/problems/feelings etc. Never mind Marina because she doesn’t have a story in the first place. The Trial mode was awesome by the way. Works like an ECM that prevents electronics to work. Awesome technology.

So there are Innovators, Inovades , Useless Marina ( Just one. FELDT FTW!! ) , Pure Innovators and ANINNOVATORTHATSURPASSESINOVADESANDINNOVATORS (lol. Try and read that. HA-HA! ) What’s next?

Can’t wait for the final showdown!!! Stay tuned for my  last Gundam 00 review ( Probably also my Last post. *sob* *sob* ) BYE!