Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 25 Revival [ FINALE ]

I actually don’t know where to start.The only negative thing I could say was Marina’s dialogue while Exia and 0 Gundam were having the final showdown. I mean , really? Seriously? Ugh.. I didn’t even shed a tear. There is a movie so I have no reason to cry…but, am I the only one who thinks Marina shouldn’t be given ANYTHING at the last part? Oh, forget her! Let’s do some review PEOPLE!


The fighting scenes were spectacular! At first I was like , “Ewww, Ribbon’s suit looks ugly and uncool.” but then he transformed into a Gundam and I fell in love with it. It was unexpected to me that both parties would use their old units for the final showdown. It was unpredictable , indeed.

Sorry to all Mister Bushido fans. He didn’t make much of an impact this season as well. same goes for his Masurao. What a waste. It was clearly obvious that Setsuna had the upper hand since he has orginal GN Drives and he’s a pure bred innovator so yeah , he won…Hurray?

The ending was simple. Celestial Being is STILL Celestial Being. Kati and Patrick ( I thought he died? Oh yeah , he’s freakin’ immortal. ) are married. Santa Klaus and Shirin managed to get a position in the government. Errr..Lockon is still Lockon. Ale and Soma are going to…a castle? O.O Tieria is god-like. He can fly naked anywhere he wants as long as VEDA is linked to that specific person or location.

DID anyone notice any innovators at the ending? I find it awfully weird to see colorful hairs within a crowd of brown and black hair.


Bring Stabity?


Ribbons Almark?


Anew Returner?

Are these innovator-like people linked to the movie? Who will be the new cast of Gundam 00? New enemies? New units? New story? New Marina HATE!??! MOAR HATE!!!!


Yes, Billy and Graham. I understand perfectly well of how you feel. Marina became succesful. I was right. She WILL appear to be so awesome at the last part where on the WHOLE SEASON ( Season 1 + 2 ) , her character growth didn’t move or rather , degraded all female Gundam leads’ reputation.  OH look! She has the power to lead a country now. She sang her way to Azadistan. How FABULOUS. All rainbowy and cotton candy~ She was useless and couldn’t do anything by herself, and now she rebuilds a country! Marina fans are gonna be so happy!

To be honest , I am not contented with the ending. It’s good there is a movie because I want Marina dead. This is complete hatred people. To hell with Marina.

Hmmm…did I forget anyone? Hmm…okay, no one. BYE!!

Let’s say goodbye to Gundam and Hello, Full metal Alchemist and Haruhi Suzumiya!!


Announcement : I Am a Gundam is Over…Season 2 ENTERS!


Gundam is Over, so, I am A Gundam is over. But just like other Anime shows , they have either a MOVIE, or a new season. And guess what? This blog has a season 2. More News. New Anime Reviews. More Moe and ecchiness. I won’t guarantee that there are more downloads…

Well , Let’s just say, I’ll be using a new Host. I won’t be using Rapidshare anymore since it has been causing problems to my files and to the downloaders as well. So , from now on , I’ll be using Easy-Share. <3


Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 24 Beyond

Another epicly planned episode. ( Yes , looks like Marina is YET to show us something. Oh wait , there’s only one episode left? Oh goodie!? Will MARINA EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER DO SOMETHING!?!?! ) Everything. WAS. GREAT!April 5th is the next airing of the last episode. Can’t wait for the ending.


So the Anti-CockyRibbons faction ( which consists of Tieria and Regena ) has won this round. Who knew they could actually LINK or BECOME Veda. So , it’s not Tieria X Feldt nor Tieria X Lockon. It became Tieria X Veda instead , as predicted by the Ending Sequence.

Whew. I thought they were all gonna die for a second there. But of course, there’s always a BIG SURPRISE! Like , you thought Bankai was the last form , BUT BOOM! Ichigo almost died and he became a Hollow. Or you thought Sailormoon just had one form but she had another form when everyone was just about to die and lose hope. HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT?! Trans-Am BURST MODE!? WTF!? IT’S CLICHE BUT SO EPIC!?

Saji X Louise story …uhh…yeah, they’re together now. Their story is over , thank God. It’s funny how Saji was happy to see his kawaii Kanojo and then she suddenly strangles him to death and faints afterwards. Oh, LAWL.


AND I’m so happy Soma didn’t die. I was all nervous and thinking that Marina should die instead. But Soma’s story is settled now.

Sumeragi’s story is done. Lockon’s revenge is done as well. Almost 80% of the cast had finished their  issues/problems/feelings etc. Never mind Marina because she doesn’t have a story in the first place. The Trial mode was awesome by the way. Works like an ECM that prevents electronics to work. Awesome technology.

So there are Innovators, Inovades , Useless Marina ( Just one. FELDT FTW!! ) , Pure Innovators and ANINNOVATORTHATSURPASSESINOVADESANDINNOVATORS (lol. Try and read that. HA-HA! ) What’s next?

Can’t wait for the final showdown!!! Stay tuned for my  last Gundam 00 review ( Probably also my Last post. *sob* *sob* ) BYE!

Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 23 Flower of Life

Awesome action-packed episode. The last scene is EPIC. and Marina having one line in the episode is like uber to me.


I’ll not make this very long and I’ll just get straight to the point.

When Ribbon’s super mother ship slash super weapon came in , I was thinking “Oh no. Not this Gundam Seed Shit again..” but as the story progresses , it’s not. Several twists have been made.

We always thought that Tieria will be the one to avenge Dead Lockon but no, it’s his brother who came face to face with Ali Al , whom we thought to be Setsuna’s side enemy at the end.Instead , it was Ribbons V.S. Tieria. Back then , we thought it was Setsuna V.S. Ribbons. We are mistaken because , apperantly , he’s a part of the Saji Crossroad drama.   Marie X Ale team doesn’t have any particular enemy.  (Well , Soma wants to kill Andrei ). I’m scared to find out that Soma dies. God , please no. Many badass females died and why not Marina?

The beginning was predictable. I know Ribbons has some kind of clone generating machine because of the previous episode. Everything has been totally Ninja with Ribbons lately. Kagebunshin-ing all over the place.

And KyAKYAKYAKYA for Tieria X Lockon fans! :3Tieria saved him this time. Hurray~ :3



I don’t care about Sumeragi’s story. But I know some of you do. Who the hell would leave her post to kill a bunch of automatons by her self? Yeah , it’s okay. If you want to look stupid instead of “Heroic” , that is. Now I’m more hyped up with the ending. 2 episodes to go..and Gundam goes BYE-BYE!

Seriously , this blog might die if Gundam 00 ends. You’ve noticed how I’ve been off lately. It’s clearance week! Scary..

Gundam 00 Season 2 : Episode 22 For the Future + Short Comics

This episode is bad ass. And I wanna punish myself for being harsh on episode 21. What made this episode FULL of EPICNESS is that Sunrise keeps on trolling with Setsuna x Marina fan girls. I love it.


The episode starts off with the continuation of Bushido VS Setsuna. Again , Bushido fans are dissapointed since , first of all , it’s freakin’ short and second , it was implied that maybe , just maybe , Bushido commited suicide or “Harakiri” because that’s what Samurais do to protect their code of honor. But we don’t know that yet. Everyone has been predicting that Setsuna’s BIG FINAL FIGHT was with Graham but I guess that idea went down the drain. While I was watching their mecha fight , I noticed that the technique used by Setsuna was also used in another mecha anime…Can anyone guess?


Note: The technique is at 2:10.


Tieria is still attached to Neil. WAIT! I just thought of something…Did they kill Anew so that the Tieria X Lockon pairing will be ressurected? After all , Lockon saved Tieria again AND Tieria says “Lockon” and not Neil. Ahahaha. ( I’m sorry. I’m just this Tieria X Lockon hardcore fangirl so, I give meaning to anything that has to do with Lockon and Tieria. ) Speaking of Lockon , I forgot it was his birthday last March 3. How sinful of me to have fogotten a Meister’s B-day. Kidding. :P Here’s a short comic dedicated to the twins:


Soma X Ale are getting some slight developement lately. That’s good. SOMA IS VERY PRETTY!!!

Let’s get back to the Setsuna X Feldt issue. Surprisingly , I’m in no way against this pairing. I was fine , didn’t feel any rage Trans-am whatsoever and actually smiled at the scene. Maybe it’s because Setsuna has once again rejected Marina indirectly OR something sweet ACTUALLY happened with Setsuna. He can be really hard to communicate to , especially when you want to get a romantic scene.


( I don’t know why but I found it funny that he put the flower inside his Helmet. )


I just felt like doing this. :3

The fighting scenes were more than satisfying and I was relieved to find out that Commander Fatty died. Katharon and Kati managed to come in time and saves CB’s ass.

Marina still hasn’t done anyting. I’m kinda relieved since I don’t want the ending to involve her or her song. I already hate her. and I won’t wait any longer for her to improve or do anything. It’s TOOOO LAAAATTEE!

As for the last scene , I doubt it that Ribbons would die just like that. Or it could be a major plot twist. If so , then that twist already happened at season 1. Where Ribbons betrayed Alejandro Corner because he has his own plans. Again , I don’t want Gundam 00 to have bad impression on me , especially that now it’s gonna end. I’ll let it slip.

Oh right , There was some news about how Gundam 00’s ending will have a surprise. The creator told us to watch UNTIL THE VERY LAST SECOND. Now , I’m really REAAALLY excited.

That’s all for now. Whew, that was a long post. See ya’ll next week!

Gundam 00 Season 2 : I Trust You Full Download ( With Instrumental Version ) !


Looks like I’m a week late for this. But since I was away for a long time , I guess I’ll have to make it up to you guys. Get ready for some MAJOR POSTING FLOOD! I hope ya’ll forgive me.

Anyway , here it is:

Yuna Ito – I trust you.mp3

Yuna Ito – I trust you ( Instrumental Version ).mp3

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 21 The Door to Reform

Honestly? HONESTLY? This is the worst Gundam 00 episode ever. ( So far. ) Before you all throw something hard at me or curse me , let me explain. There are several factors:


1. They are using the “OMG! [ Insert Character Name Here ] IS AN INNOVATOR” plot too much. We already had that moment on the previous episode. ( Loiuse Halevy ) Although there is a twist to it , Setsuna being the first Human Innovator , it’s still over-used and I’m not excited about it..AT ALL. But I do have some good comments. It means that Mister Bushido will surely be defeated unless Bushido has some trick up his sleeve to surprise Gundam 00 Raiser + Trans-am + Innovator Setsuna. You never know.

2. The part where Lockon points his gun at Setsuna? And didn’t pull the trigger? That is sooo last season. Even in the previous episode where Lockon beats the hell out of Setsuna was also last season material.

3. Liu Mei is Alive? How? And now , Hong Long is dead because of the ever-so-over-used scene where someone jumps in front of the person he/she truly treasures to take the bullet and save the person. I’ve seen this MANY MANY times. And guess what? Nena didn’t even pursue Liu Mei. Why? Because if Nena killed her at that time , the paper where Veda’s coordinates will not be able to reach Celestial Being. And suddenly , Nena intercepts Mei in space and gave out the same “That’s because I hate you” and “Revenge”  stuff like that and killed her. Again? It was almost the same scene. Just like the other episode. I was like…”Uhh okay. I saw that already. The moment is gone.”

Note: Why not give out the coordinates of Veda in the encrypted message? >.<

4. Hmmm….What else? OH, The floating nude scene was hilarious again. I know they meant serious , but only the floating Lockon X Anew scene was serious and dramatic. So, correct if I am wrong , whenever Setsuna fights with someone and activates 00 Raiser , will there ALWAYS be a conversation in the floating nude world? Hmm? Is that it? The fighting will just be interrupted with something like that? I hope not. I don’t want it to be JUST like that. I hope I won’t give out harsh comments on the next episode.

5. Louise is an Innovator , right? Where the hell did that story go? It’s like we’re all shocked and stuff and now she’s like back to cheerful/ weird Genki Louise. I admit , that last bit where she went crazy made me sad. And to me , that pretty much saved this episode.

6.Alleujah X Marie’s story is dying…Seriously. ( Duh. Without Marie, there’s no Ale X Marie. )

7. The plot seemed chaotic and wasn’t delivered out elegantly , compared to previous EPIC episodes. It didn’t seem organized. How they jumped from one story to another was not showed properly. I guess that’s just me.

8. HAHAHAHAHA. To you guys , this is no surprise. Marina was uber LOLROFLCOPTERLMAO at episode 21. WTF!? What does that stupid song have to do with everything that’s going on? WILL that song stop the war? Is that what Sunrise plans  for Marina all along? So , ALL the deaths , sacrifices and fights were all useless and just NEEDED Marina’s song to eradicate war? OH PUUUUUUHHHHHLLLLEAAZE! Give me a freakin’ break from all these “Marina Character Boosters”. NOTHING CAN MAKE HER LOOK LIKE THE FEMALE LEAD. (MAYBE SHE’S ACTUALLY THE FIRST HUMAN INNOVATOR!!?!!? SHOCKING!!!11111 )  What’s the BIG DEAL? When did Marina have a recording studio anyway. I mean , it’s on the radio and stuff. Was she invited on a radio station to appear as a guest because they heard her singing her song and let her sing it? Is that it? Will someone explain it to me?

9. Setsuna didn’t say “Ore wa Gundam” at the last part.

Well , it has some good parts. The fighting scenes were good. And the chain reactions were nice. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood that’s why a lot of stuffs didn’t live up to my expectations…Oh well , there’s always the next episode. 4 EPISODES TO GO , PEOPLE!

That’s all. You readers should understand that this is just my opinion  and I don’t hate Gundam 00. I was just dissapointed at this episode , that’s all. Thanks for reading.

Okay, now I’m REAALY gonna take a break.. See you next week~!

I’m gonna leave something before I go.