Gundam 00 Season 2 : Trust you 2nd Ending Video Download + Review + Meanings!

See the First Ending

Now, look at the 2nd Ending

Download Link : [ It’s approximately 16 MB ]

Gundam 00 2nd Ending – Trust You.Avi

This song makes the first ending “Prototype” ridiculous. The first ending sequences hold deep meanings regarding the Character’s stories , especially the “Koi” ( Love ) part. The 2nd ending , which is “Trust you” by Yuna Itou , pawned Prototype.

The 1st ending held too many questions like ” WHO WAS THE GIRL BEHIND THAT WHITE CLOTH!?” and people were like “It’s Tieria”. Others say “No. It’s Feldt.” But You’re all freakin’ wrong. It’s Miss Anew Returner. She’s nice…but I don’t know why I don’t find her appealing…



Saji X Louise : Saji pulling Louise. This sign signifies that Saji might be able to take her back. Just like in the opening “Namida no Mukou”.

Tieria’s scene : At “Prototype” , Tieria shot at his own reflection. Now, in the current ending , he is shown turning against the Innovators. Meaning, he’s not confused anymore. He’s…err..human, as he said before killing Bring Stabity at episode 14.

Ale X Marie: This is obvious. They’re now happy together. Nothing changed actually. Except that the two of them kissed.

Lockon’s Part: Oh, you know. It was Anew all along.



Ale X Soma : Their jackets are shown floating in the sea…Water again? Why Water? The previous scene also had water , reflecting A-Laws units in the sky.

Anew X Lockon ( Lyle ) : Official. No arguments here.

Louise X Saji  : A clear sign that they’ll be together again.

( Sorry about the previous error. I saw a comment on youtube that said “LOCKON’S AND TIERIA’S JACKETS!”. Something happened in my brain that made me visualize Teiria’s and Lockon’s jackets together. Which is weird since I’ve watched the video multiple times. O.O )

Tieria’s glasses and jacket : Tieria’s jacket was shown without any partner. Poor guy.

Note: Sorry about the errors. Really sorry. >.<

I’ll give out the episode 15 review later. Ja ne~!